What I have Learned about People in my World Travels

What I have Learned about People in my World Travels

What I have Learned about People in my World Travels

“It is human nature to be afraid of the unknown, However I have traveled to the unknown and have no fear”  Clyde

I was a Firefighter/Paramedic for thirty years in Texas

So, why would I put this as my first subject on this Blog about people around the world?  Well, I put that in because in my line of work, I got to see what went on behind closed doors.  I was witness to violence so bad, you could not imagine it in your worst dreams.  I say this because you don’t have to go to other countries to be attacked or robbed.  Bad guys are everywhere, including your own neighborhood.  I promise you that, if you don’t believe me go talk to a local police officer or Paramedic about what they really do in their jobs in your city.

What I have Learned about People in my World Travels
Corpus Christi
Fire Dept retired 2011

Oh my God!  How could you go “THERE”

By “there”, I mean whatever country we are going to visit that are considered a little bit dangerous by the media.  Egypt, Morocco, Israel and India come to mind.   A lot of people have this perception because of the media’s reporting on them.  After all, what is going to sell newspapers, I should say  “get hits on their web page”.  Would you click on “violent race  riot” in Israel or “Peaceful Jews and Muslims  go to work just like any other day”.  Yes, you would click on the violent riot thing even though it was four people in a fight.  That is the nature of the media and the nature of advertising.

What I have Learned about People in my World Travels
What People Think that All Muslims look like

Yes, we do our due diligence before traveling to another country.

But come on, some of the authorities get a little carried away.  I googled “Is it safe to travel to _______________”?  I did Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and the United States.

I clicked on the UK advisories and got the exact same for all of these countries.  “Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in this country.   Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners. You should monitor media reports and remain vigilant at all times.  Sounds like they are covering their asses!

The Bottom Line:  When you think of it, terrorist attacks have happened everywhere!  I am also talking about the Unites States and the United Kingdom.  So, what are we going to do?  Hide in our homes to stay safe?What I have Learned about People in my World Travels

Terrorist Attacks vs Local Fighting

I categorize Terrorism as something that can happen in any country including the good old United States.  However, there are some countries that the locals are fighting for different reasons.  These are the countries that we are wary of and take extra care if we do decide to visit them.

Some people leave their good sense in their home countries when traveling

We have seen this in Panama while living here for five years.  Some of our friends have had something stolen in their home that was left near an open window.  Or fell asleep in the back with their front door wide open.  The question is, would you be this careless in your own home country?  I guarantee, in Texas if you leave your garage door wide open and start mowing the back yard, you might have something “walk” out of your garage.  So yes, travelers must be alert and follow some common sense rules.

What I have Learned about People in my World Travels

Guided Tours vs Exploring on our own

We did guided tours in Egypt, India and Israel.  No, I would NOT recommend renting a car in these countries and exploring on your own.  However in all three of these countries, we did some exploring on our own on foot even at night!  We did stay in the more populous areas of the city that we were staying in.  I do tell people we fell in love with India, but we fell in love with India from our Five Star Hotels and Looking out at the country from our large tour bus.

What I have Learned about People in my World Travels
Our India Tour Bus

But, what about the Muslims And the Hindus?  They all want to kill us!

I would like to share a definition of the Muslim Religion that I found on the internet.  

Islam is a monotheistic faith and the world’s second-largest religion.  In Arabic,  Islam means “submission” and is described as a Din, meaning “way of life” and/or “religion” Etymologically, it is derived from the same root Islamas, for example, Salam meaning “peace” (also a common salutation). A more precise translation of the word Islam would be the serenity that is created by submission. The word Muslim is also related to the word Islam and means “one who surrenders” or “submits” to God.  As you can see, Islam is a religion of peace.  What other religion has a “call to prayer” and stops five times a day to pray to their God?

Our experience with the Hindu People

The people in India were wonderful!  If you don’t have to look deep into their religion,  they wand to do good deeds (Karma) in order to be reborn at a higher level.  Simple as that, their religion states that if you do bad, you will come back to life at a lower level for example, a cockroach!  On the other hand, good deeds will cause you to come back as a higher caste person.  A few times while in India, I dropped something in public.  I had three people trying to pick it up for me!  It is also a vegetarian religion as they will NOT kill an animal.

At one point, our tour bus stopped so the guide could show/explain something.  There was an older woman sitting near the street with bundles of hay.  She had a little stick to “shew” away the cows who were nearby.   She was selling these small bundles of hay to people who wanted to feed the cows in order to do their good deed for the day!  Yep!  They wanted good karma.

What I have Learned about People in my World Travels
Feed the cows for good Karma!

All over the world, People are People

Most people in this world are just trying to get by.  They get up in the morning, eat and go to work.  That work might be working in the fields of India or selling bread on the streets in Egypt.  They are just people trying to survive!  Of course there are bad people in this world!  But they are also in your own home country, city and county.

So who are we to judge people in other countries?  We have visited thirty five countries in the last two plus years, and have not had a serious problem with any one.  Yes, you might be saying that I am naïve, but I speak the truth from my heart.  Even though we are some crazy Americans Traveling the World House Sitting.

I would like to close with a Video I did of the Wonderful People Of India



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