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Travel the World House Sitting

Welcome!  We are Clyde and Terry Coles

We are full time house sitters and have been able to Travel the World House Sitting fulltime  for one year.  We got the travel bug and wanted to travel but could not afford it!  House Sitting was our ticket to see the world.  We took three month long house sits close to our home in Panama.  We went to Mexico, Costa Rica and then on to Ecuador.  It was after these three sits that we decided to sell everything and house sit full time.  We have been full time house sitting for almost two years.  It has been a wonderful experience and we have created this Website to help other people who would like to Become a House Sitter or to Find a House Sitter for their home.

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I am also able to make money from this blog.

How To Make Money On a Blog

This website is what you call an “Affiliate Review Website”.  We have found certain items and services we have used since we started to Travel the World House Sitting.  We hope to make a little extra cash if you read a review and purchase this item.  I have written up a special blog post that explains everything in detail.  Yes, I have stumbled onto a company that helps people fulfill their dreams of making money online.

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Let me share with you where in the world we have been.

This page will show every House Sit we have done and the animals we have taken care of.  Also, I have added the reviews that the home owners have done on us after we complete the House Sits.  It is these good reviews that help us keep on getting that next sit.

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Terry and I are an open book

My Juliet on Her Balcony


We have to be in order to Travel The World House Sitting.  We love both people and animals and love to share our experiences with all.  If you have any question, please comment on each individual post or if you would like, our email Address is Mailto:ClydeAndTerry@Gmail.com.  You might have to copy and paste this into your email program.  Please contact us.  We love to hear from our readers.

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 This is how we Travel!
Flights, Hotels and Rent Cars
all in ONE PLACE!
Fly and Stay Cheap

We have recently done an interview about our lives House Sitting on a travel blog called.  NextBitOfLive.com.  Check out the interview here to hear our story about House Sitting.

We would also like to share with you on how we get our House Sits.TravelTheWorldHouseSitting

Not only what website we use the most, but all of the little “tricks” and the proper way to fill out your profile and apply for a House Sit.  We feel the hallmark of a good house sitter is honesty and communication.

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How to Get a House Sit for Free Accommodations

Take a vacation with House SittingTravelTheWorldHouseSitting

We do NOT even have a home to go back to.  We Travel the World House Sitting with two carry on bags and a backpack each!  However, you can take a vacation by arranging for a house sit in exotic locals.  We did this before we started house sitting full time.  We had month long sits in Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador

Check out how to take a vacation with this post
How to Take A Cheap Vacation With Nearby House Sit Jobs

Do NOT travel without Travel Insurance!

What Web Site do we use the most to get House Sits?

Our favorite Web site is TrustedHousessitters.com.  I have done an extensive review on them at this link.  I will explain why they are our favorite and explain why they are worth the money it costs to join the web site.

Check out our favorite Web Page to do get our House Sits
Trusted House Sitters Reviews | For House Sitting Jobs

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2017 House sits

Perhaps You are Looking for a House Sitter TravelTheWorldHouseSitting

On this post we teach you how to write a good profile to attract lots applicants to your advert.   Also, what to look for in a sitter is a good match for your fur babies.   It’s a lot easier to find a good house sitter if you have plenty of applicants clamoring for the “job?

Check out our page on Looking for a House Sitter
House Sitters Pay Rate | I Need a House Sitter

House Sitting Tips

This growing series of posts are just what you would imagine.  They are tips on being a good House Sitter.  We have learned a lot in the past year and love to share what we have learned with you.

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House Sitting Tips