Unlocked Used Cell Phones Cheap | Why Buy a New expensive one?

Samsung Mini S4

Unlocked Used Cell Phones Cheap | Why Buy a New expensive one?

 Refurbished vs New

I have put some Amazon Ads up for you to take a look at prices.  You can buy  Unlocked Used Cell Phones Cheap!  The Samsung S4 like I have can be purchased for under $150 base price.  Now, let’s take a look at the Brand New Samsung S8.  Their cost is over $650 base price.  Do you really even need to have the most up to date, expensive cell phone?  You can buy unlocked used cell phones cheap!

Smart Phone — Don’t leave home without it!

And yes, I am also talking about our “temporary homes” as we House Sit Abroad and House Sit locally also!  Terry and I didn’t even have Smart Phones before we started to Travel the World House Sitting.  We were stuck back in time with our “dumb phones”.  Hell, I didn’t even like to Text!  If you wanted to get in touch with me, just call me!  I would like to explain how important this “tool” has become to us now as we Travel the World House Sitting when we bought our Samsung Mini S4. We bought our unlocked used cell phones cheap on Amazon.

If I had my say, we wouldn’t even call them Smart Phones!

I think the term “Mobile Hand Held computer, Camera and Cell Phone” would explain things much better!  These things are incredible.  But, what am I saying, you probably already know how powerful and “Must Have” these wonderful tools have become to you in everyday life.  But when you are on the road traveling, the benefits of having one is multiplied.

 Number one, it is a cell phone

Let’s start with the basics.  It is a phone!  As soon as I arrange a house sit for us, I put the home owner’s phone number into the phone.  Usually list them as their first name and then their city.  That way I know who I am calling when I need to get in touch with them.   For instance, when you arrive after dark and you know you are close to the house, but are lost.  It’s nice not to have to fumble through your notes to find their number!

My Most used App on it is “Google Maps”Unlocked Used Cell Phones Cheap

Oh my God!  This app is wonderful!  I have to tell you that getting around Europe and the UK in a rent car is NOT for the faint of heart!  If you want to travel ten miles away in either region, you are going to have to navigate through fifteen or more “round-a-bouts”.  Don’t have many of these in the states, but they are wonderful and confusing at the same time.  Wonderful because traffic for the most part keeps on moving!  The flow of traffic is much better than having a regular intersection!  Confusing because if you have to read the signs to know which exit to take you will have a rough time reading the signs!  The roundabout are not the only reason you need “Google Maps”.  This app has become so powerful with it’s unbelievable knowledge of where you want to go!

Let me tell you about our day today and how “Google Maps” came to the rescue

Today, I had to drop off one rent car, travel to another location to pick up the second rent car and then make it back to our house sit “home”.  Easy enough, I plugged the address to the first rental car company location and found it with no problem.  Got the car checked in easily.

Now, it was time to take a bus to the second rental car company.  This is where the app shines.  I plugged in the second rental car company address and told it that I wanted to take the bus.  This is what it did for me

  • Gave me walking directions to the bus stop
  • Told me the number of the bus and the time to expect the bus and estimated time of arrival at our destination
  • Once on the bus, it had a diagram showing the bus stops in order so you could know when your stop was
  • After getting off the bus, it gave walking directions to the second rental car location

And then of course, I plugged in our home address and it showed me how to get there.  What could have been a disaster turned in to a doable day with “Google Maps” on our Samsung Mini S4.  Yes, you able to buy unlocked used cell phones cheap on Amazon

My number Two “Got to Have” app is “TripIt”

Unlocked Used Cell Phones CheapI discovered this program/app and absolutely love what it can do for me.  It keeps track of Unlocked Used Cell Phones Cheapall of our travel destinations with the information added to make everything run smoothly.

I start with a “Trip” in which I input all the House Sit information.  I put everything about the house sit in this section.  I want all of this information in my hand at all times.  Names, Pet’s Names, Time of Arrival and Departure, Phone Number and Address.  In fact, I put the address under a sub heading of maps and when I press on the address.  It pops up on “Google Maps” and shows me how to get to the house.  All of this, I have to type it in myself and I can do this on the computer.  Everything you save syncs with the Smart Phone.

Aside from the House Sit information itself,  “TripIt” will also keep track of Flights, Rent Cars and Hotels.  But get this!  When you receive your confirmation emails from any of these three, you forward them to plans@tripit.com and this information goes into your “TripIt” itinerary without inputting anything.  So there you have it, “TripIt”, when properly used organizes all of my plans!  You can also get it to share information with your calendar so you can look at things that way.

The list of other APPS and uses for the smart phone go on and on.

I wake up and check out the weather and forecast for my area.  I am able to make Hotel, Flight and Car Rental reservations with each one of their apps I use.  And of course do a search and find those tourist spots that we want to visit.

I almost forgot to mention that these things have incredible cameras in them

I have friends who use their Smart phones as their camera for all of their picture taking and video needs.  The cameras in these things take pictures and videos of incredible quality.  You could bypass buying a camera all together and just use your smart phone. However, as in my other article on  My Canon Powershot D30, I explain why I like to have a separate camera and use my Smart Phone as a back up camera.

Here is A Video I found on the Samsung S4 Cell Phone


My recommendation when it is time, is to buy Unlocked Used Cell phones Cheap

Because I have had the best luck with my Refurbished Samsung, I am going to recommend that you purchase Refurbished Unlocked Samsung Smart Phone.  I am not going to try to tell you that I am the expert on phones!  But, I will say this, Smart Phones are like cars.  A few months after you buy one, they drop in value.  So, why not buy a refurbished one for much less money like we did.  Here is a link to check out the Samsung Mini S4 on Amazon.

Check out some options on Amazon below and maybe you will find your next Smart Phone.
Make sure it is “unlocked”!


Samsung Mini S4

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unlocked used cell phones cheap

9 thoughts on “Unlocked Used Cell Phones Cheap | Why Buy a New expensive one?

  1. Great suggestions. My iPhone 6+ is on its last gasps, and I really don’t want to crap out another $900 for a phone. I’m gonna check out some of these suggestions! Also, as a side note, Google Maps is definitely awesome, but there are some places in the world (ie, KOREA) where it doesn’t work! That’s right, no driving directions! Which means foreigners who don’t speak Korean there are kinda sorta SOL, although Waze does sort of work there, in all fairness.

  2. Hi Clyde,

    You are totally right, these days everybody wants to have the newest (and most expensive) smartphone. Most of them just use the phone only for internetting or Whatsapp; these programs will work good on a cheaper model as well.
    I did not know the app “tripit”; I will check it out. It looks like a useful app.


    1. Hi Jan,

      You GET IT, Why do we need the fanciest most powerful phone if we are only going to be doing simple things with it.

      Yes, try TripIt, it will blow you away. Since we are house sitting full time, we use it to organize everything


  3. Hi Clyde,
    I enjoyed reading through your article and found something I never realized! I didn’t know Google Maps could give bus information! I have used the maps on my mobile devices (phone and tablet) hundreds of times, if not thousands! I’ve even used it for walking directions as well, but never realized it could give me local bus information. This is something I’ll have to try out sometime soon!
    Enjoy your travels!

  4. You’re absolutely right – there is normally no need for having the latest and greatest. It’s a marketing ploy to make people want stuff they don’t need.
    The only thing I can think of with second-hand phones is the state of the battery. Is there any way to check if it will keep going?

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