Taking a Break in Panama from House Sitting The World

Taking a Break in Panama from House Sitting The World

The Start of our House Sitting

When Terry and I decided to try the house sitting thing, we actually traveled nearby to Panama  for three sits.  We did one in Ajjijic, Mexico and then Costa Rica and then we were off to Ecuador.  We still had our house in Panama and used these sits as vacations.  They were all about one month long.  After doing these three sits, we realized that we could do this and made the big “JUMP”!

Pet Sitting Resume
Our First sit In Ajjijic, Mexico


Pet Sitting Resume
Boli in Costa Rica
Pet Sitting Resume
Jethro in Ecuador

We Decided to Sell Everything and House Sit Full Time

In a giant “jump” of faith we decided to sell everything.  And so we did.  We gave all our extra clothes away (yes, there was a lot to give away) to our Spanish teacher, Jasmine.  She distributed them to needy people in her church.

Our Home we sold in Panama

We prepared the house and put it on the market.  At the time, houses were NOT selling in Panama.  The Canadian dollar to the US dollar was in bad shape and things were just not moving!  But, we had a great Real Estate agent and she showed our house many times.  Finally, the “Right People” came walking through our door to check it out.  Our house was exactly what they were looking for!  (OK, they had envisioned a smaller home).  They purchases our house with everything in it.  Furniture, towels, sheets, kitchen utensils and my tools.  And to top that off, they adopted our Doberman Pinschers!  We were now ready to “Jump”!

But First we had to say Goodbye to the kids in Texas

I immediately started worrying about all the hotel bills that I was going to have to pay for in Texas.  My wife?  She got on the House Sitting Sites and found a house sit in Austin!  Less than fifteen minutes away from my daughter’s house.  My two boys came up from Corpus Christi and Terry’s daughter came up from San Antonio with here partner to bid us goodbye.  We asked permission beforehand for them to be able to come into the house and visit. We took care of one dog, Jack.

Pet Sitting Resume

And then the adventure Began!

We headed out to our first House Sit in Bangkok, Thailand.  Talking about taking a “Jump”!  We landed in Bangkok two weeks early before our sit to explore Thailand.  Right before the sit, the home owner got in touch with us to cancel the sit as her cat was very ill.  However, this classy woman offered to pay for our Hotel room for the two weeks we were supposed to take care of her home and cat.  Talk about a Classy Woman!

We have had Thirty Two House Sits since we started our adventure!

Minus the three we had before we sold our house, that is a total of 29 sits.   With 32 sits, we have taken care of the following number of animals.

House Sits   32
Dogs              47
Cats               18
chickens        8
Alpacas          3
Rabbits          1
Guinea Pigs  2
pigeons          2
turtles            1

If you would like to see these sits in more detail, please look at our “RESUME” page here on this blog

The reason for our trip back to this side of the world

My older son Cobey. has found the love of his life, Barbara and they are to be wed on March 17th.  Now I have to tell you flying from our last country, India was not cheap!  But, we felt we needed to be back in the United States for this Occasion.

My son Cobey and his fiancé Barbara.

Since we were coming this way, we decided to visit Panama

Panama is where our world wide adventure started.  In 2011 on my birthday September the 3rd we landed in Panama to start our retirement life.  Panama was very good to us and we made many friends as we were retired!  So we had to come back and visit our friends.  Funny thing is, we immediately started making new friends around the pool in our condo and at the Happy Hours at the local restaurants.  We even got to visit the people who bought our home and adopted our dogs.

The View from our Condo Window

It has been great coming back

We still have a list of friends we need to visit and catch up on things.  Seeing them in a group setting is one thing, but we like to visit one on one to really share what has been going on in our lives.  Yes, we are having a blast catching up!

Terry with Nancy one of our dear friends

So, Where to next?

Our next scheduled house sit will be in Soumagne, Belgium and then after that we will be back at our previous House Sit location in Egypt for two and a half months.  In between those two sits, we plan on visiting Croatia and Bosnia and that area.

Back to Egypt to take care of Will and Tee Tee

Some big news!

We are going through the process of getting a Residency Visa in Portugal.  We thought it would be nice to have a “home base” in Europe.  Quite frankly, Portugal is the easiest European Country to get residency in.  This will also allow us to stay in Europe with no time restraints.  Right now, we can only stay in the European Countries for 90 days out of 180.  So this will help our house sitting endeavors.  Besides that, Portugal is really nice.  Things seem to be fairly cheap and there is infrastructure!  We hope to find a small apt near the Algarve.  The Algarve, a beautiful coastal area of Portugal.  We were lucky enough to connect with a couple of Face Book friends who are helping us with things.

The grottos of the Algarve in Portugal

So, where to after This?

We really don’t know where we will be next.  We will continue house sitting as long as we can and as long as it is fun.  We are having an incredible time meeting new people, new animals and seeing the sites of the world.  We will be “following the house sits”!



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