Running With the Bulls in Pamplona Video


Running With the Bulls in Pamplona

Ok, so we watched the Running With the Bulls in Pamplona.  Hell!  I am sixty two, did you really think I would be running with the bulls?   We had finished a House Sit near Valencia and realized we had a few days to explore. We are just lucky enough to figure out how to do it as we Travel The World House Sitting.  Here is a look at Our past and future House Sits on our  Pet Sitting Resume – Our House Sits

We are House Sitting full time

The pillow under our head depends on us getting that next house sit.  A little nerve racking to say the least.  It takes an incredible lot of work for Terry as she keep on finding that next House Sit.  We also have it figured out how to get these sits.  We go over that in our Post How to Get a House Sit For Free Accommodations.

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Perhaps House Sitting is for You

I am sure that none of you are crazy enough to sell everything and House Travel The World House Sitting
Sit full time like us.  That is, until you try it and see the possibilities.   Especially you retired folks!  Remember, we started doing this just to have a Low Price Vacation.  While we where in Panama, we House Sat in Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador.  The plane trip seemed cheap when we knew that in each one of these countries, our accommodations were free!  Even then, we were able to Travel the World House Sitting.  Check out this concept at Take a Cheap Vacation with Nearby House Sit Jobs

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Or maybe you NEED a House Sitter

Travel The World House Sitting


You have seen how we have taken care of not only the animals but the homes that we were entrusted with.  Don’t place your animals into a Kennel and leave your house empty.  Find a house sitter like us that will take care of your animals and your home.  I explain how to find a good one at I Need a House Sitter.




Sit back and enjoy our video of
The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona


Terry and I are able to Augment our Retirement income
by writing BLOGS from our Laptops.

I have done a review on the company that taught us how to do this and
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Travel The World House Sitting


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