Restaurant Review Nazcla 21, Coronado, Panama

Restaurant Review Nazcla1, Coronado, Panama

Restaurant Review Nazcla 21, Coronado, Panama

A view of the front door was not exciting

But that is OK, they are located upstairs in an open shopping center.  But, when you walk through the door the wonderful décor and atmosphere hits you.  This is a nice place.  If is finally decorated in a Peruvian motif as this is a Peruvian Restaurant.  A very nice and clean homey place.  Has a lot of seating, some near the window overlooking the main highway of Panama.

Restaurant Review Nazcla1, Coronado, Panama
Front Entrance not too exciting but the inside makes up for it!

We had heard good things prior to eating here

We have been gone from Panama for two years.  We used to live in this area.  First thing we noticed about the restaurants were that some new restaurants are opening and some old ones closing because quite simply, they did not make it.  We kept hearing how wonderful of a restaurant that Nazcla 21 is.  Come to find out, they had opened another location in Panama City in the trendy Casco Viejo area.  That is where they started.  Our friends did NOT lie about how wonderful his place is.

Restaurant Review Nazcla1, Coronado, Panama
A nice selection of wine

We were “wowed” on our first visit

We both had fish dishes and they were incredible.  The “secret” is in the sauce.  This was not a normal presentation of fish.  The creamy white sauce on my plate was really good!  My wife Terry agreed with me with the excellent taste of her meal.  The service and cleanliness were impeccable.  After a few evening visits, we showed up for their daily lunch special

Restaurant Review Nazcla1, Coronado, Panama
Mr llama welcomes you at the fron door

They have four different meals for their daily menu that changes each day  (does not include Sundays)

I had a  fish filet smothered with a creamy white sauce with spinach and mushrooms.  Terry had a fish filet wish shrimp and some type of creamy orange sauce.  Both meals came with white rice, a nicely dressed salad and a strip of fried Plantain.The Daily specials are $7.95 each.  Evening meal prices are higher and I am guessing an average of $12.95 to $14.95.  They offer a full bar with many types of alcohol and seem to also have a large selection of wine.


Restaurant Review Nazcla1, Coronado, Panama
Clyde’s filet with a creamy spinach and mushroom white sauce
Restaurant Review Nazcla1, Coronado, Panama
Terry’s filet with an interesting creamy shrimp sauce

We highly recommend this Jewel of a Restaurant 👍👍👍👍👍

The main reason for my high recommendation is the taste, taste and taste.  It does not hurt that the servers were friendly and conscientious about their job.  And the décor was relaxing..  We will be back to our new favorite restaurant many times for our next couple of weeks here in Panama.


One thought on “Restaurant Review Nazcla 21, Coronado, Panama

  1. I ate there on Mothers Day last December. The place was packed and the service was good. The environment is clean and cheerful. I had langostinos for 14.95 if I recall correctly accompanied by fancy mashed potatoes. Flavor was excellent, but I received two, prawns and felt ripped off. A far superior restaurant is las terrasas at Vista Mar golf club. Same price range but larger quantities (5 or 6 prawns) and food that is to die for.

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