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Back when we started House Sitting in Latin America, I was tickled to death with the public transport system.  I figured out that I would not have to rent a car when House Sitting and just take cheap busses or taxis.  Once we decided to Travel The World House Sitting and moved on to Europe,  I learned otherwise.  I was going to have to rent a car!  I was lucky enough to cross paths with Sarah, the homeowner for our Princes Risborough, UK  House Sit who actually worked with Vehicle Rental Companies.  She recommended so I could rent a car for their house sit.  I used them and I liked them!  They are known for their Cheap Car Rentals is a “Search Agent” for Cheap car rentals

Cheap Car Rentals
Cheap Car Rentals

When you plug in your dates and locations, they give you a long list of cars for rent in that city.  They do a search for about seventeen car rental companies and give you a long list of available cars starting with the cheaper ones first!  I am talking about the big boys!  Hertz, Avis, Europecar, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, Dollar and Thrifty.  And then on top of that, in some foreign countries there will be even more choices.  You pick out the best deals for Cheap Car Rentals.

That way, you can pick your car in different ways!

When presents the list of available cars, they start with the cheapest cars first.
Here is what you will see when presented with the rental possibilities in your requested location.

  • Cost of Rental
  • Name Brand of Car (or similar)
  • number of seats
  • number of doors
  • number of bags that it can carry
  • Air Conditioner
  • Manual or Automatic
  • Gas or Diesel
  • Any other pertinent informationCheap Car Rentals

You don’t have to visit seventeen different Web Sites to Comparison Shop will do the search for you and let you decide what you want to rent.  They do the comparison shopping for you!  They are very thorough and represent all the big companies. covers the world, wherever rental cars are available and guide you to get Cheap Car Rentals. also has an APP for your phone

No need to print out your car rental paperwork.  Just bring up your rental on your APP on your phone.  This will have all the information that you will need when you go to pick up your car.  The APP is free to download of course.  I downloaded mine from the google play store.

I have used exclusively since we started House Sitting

This site is wonderful, it does all the work for me.  Who knows what Rental Agency will be the cheapest in the city or country you want to visit.  I highly recommend them as I have used them exclusively for my car rental needs.  It saves me time from having to comparison shop at various sites to get the best deal out there!   I have not had any problems whatsoever with

Cheap Car Rentals

Even if you don’t need a car “Right Now”

Even you don’t need a car right now, why don’t you log onto the site and do a search just to see how it works.  I think that you will like what you see and want to use them when it is time to rent a car.  You will me amazed at all the choices you have when you let do the searching for you!


Cheap Car Rentals
For Cheap Car Rentals


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Cheap Car Rentals

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7 thoughts on “ Review | Cheap Car Rentals

  1. To have a company, or anyone doing the research and comparison for rental cars is awesome. has done most of the work so all one has to do is to choose the best car to rent.

    The Hub sounds profitable with all the points that one can make, and they add up to a discount on your next rental car. I can understand why you use, they are doing a fine job.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Unless we are traveling in a very urban area or have a tight schedule with an itinerary, I love to get a rental car. Some of our best vacation memories are from days when we just threw together a picnic and headed out onto the open road. I played around with this website and it’s very easy to use. I’ve definitely bookmarked it for our next adventure!

    1. Thank You for your comment Susie.
      It is hard to travel abroad without renting a car.
      And yes, it is the way to see everything and not just the touristy stuff.

      Thanks Again,

  3. Thanks, I never heard of this before. I usually only rent a car to go back home and visit. I will remember this post next time.

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