How to Take A Cheap Vacation With Nearby House Sit Jobs

Take A Cheap Vacation

How toTake A Cheap Vacation With Nearby House Sit Jobs


You all know that Terry and I are House Sitting Abroad Full time

We have been at it for almost nine months full time and are seeing the world!  Terry and I have spent a month in Thailand, three months in Italy, four months in England, a few weeks in Wales and are now in Scotland.  We have figured out how to do it and are tickled pink.  Before Thailand we were able to Take A Cheap Vacation by house sitting.  Let me show How to Take A Cheap Vacation With Nearby House Sit Jobs

The Question has come up, Can we do house sits “nearby”?   OF COURSE YOU CAN!

And how do we know that?  We have done it ourselves.  If you remember, we lived in Panama and did one month house sits in Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador.  I know this doesn’t sound “nearby” to you, but we are talking an hour to two hour flights for each trip.  Then, before we came to the other side of the world, we scored a very nice house sit in Round Rock, Texas which was ten minutes away from my daughter.  It can be done!

Let’s look at a normal budget for a two week vacationHow to Take A Cheap Vacation

The Flight or driving expense  (this depends on far you need to go)
Hotel or resort  (let’s just say, you will probably spend at least $100 per day for a total of $1400
Eating out.  (Restaurant food can be expensive)
Rent car or transportation.  You can rent a car at

How about if you go out and get a House Sit for the same time period?  Price Difference?

The Flight or driving expense  (this depends on far you need to go)  Yep, this is going to stay the same!
NO hotel or resort because you have a free place to stay  Forget about that $1400!
Cooking in (because you have a kitchen!)  This will save you Bunches of Cash!
Rent car or transportation  Yep, this is going to stay the same too!

How to Take A Cheap VacationCan you see that you will be saving over $2000!

You have cut your largest expense, lodging to ZERO!  So, don’t think of this as something one can only do full time.  Think about the possibilities and what you can see!  Let’s say that you had the full amount of the vacation budgeted already and you save the $2000.  You could either not spend that money or go somewhere you have dreaming about!.  Latin America come to mind!


Please watch this video on Why House Sitting Works

Will it be easy finding a House Sit to do this?

Quite frankly, NO!  You must start early and look for sits during the time period you have a vacation break.  Or hopefully, you can be flexible with that time frame.  It’s a LOT of work (not as much work as earning that $2000)  I have given you the tools on my post how to GET YOUR HOUSE SITS.


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Are There any CONS to taking a vacation this way?

Take A Cheap Vacation

Of Course!  There are trade off for everything in life.  The biggest CON is that you will have responsibilities.  You will probably have animals to take care of and a house to keep clean and tidy!  When you read my post GET YOUR HOUSE SITS you will see that I talk about agreeing with an owner how much time you will need to spend with the animals.  Normally, our agreement is to get up and walk the dogs, feed them and then we can take off.  We also agree to come home at a decent time to let them out and perhaps give them another walk.  Remember, this should be agreed on first so there are not surprises and disappointments on sit.  And the cleaning part?  You can’t just leave your towels on the floor like a hotel, you will need to hang them up and wash them yourselves!

So, What are you waiting for?

Please read the posts I have just told you about and go for it!  If you don’t act, nothing will happen!  Now that you know How to Take A Cheap Vacation With Nearby House Sit Job.   You must act!  I have a saying in my life, “If you don’t ask the answer is always NO”  So act and “ask”

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how to take a cheap vacation


Take A Cheap Vacation

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12 thoughts on “How to Take A Cheap Vacation With Nearby House Sit Jobs

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this idea! I’ve seen the switch houses thing before which is also a way to go, but this is a great idea and I will definitely reading your other pages and looking in to doing this. I’m so glad I landed on your page. I envy you your traveling, that’s so exciting. I’ll be sharing this with my friends. I think a lot of people would be interested. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Maria,
      hanks for your kind comment!

      Yes, we stumbled on an incredible thing!
      Still can’t believe we are pulling it off full time!

      I would appreciate it if you could share with your friends.
      Perhaps a share with your friends on Facebook?


  2. This is awesome! I heard about this recently and would LOVE to give it a try! Belize, or the Bahamas come to mind….

  3. This is awesome I wasn’t aware that house sitting is actually a way of travel. Me and my family loves to travel and this just sparked my interest.
    Not sure if you can bring your kids,house sitting lol but I will definitely read up on how this works. Great site and resource on this very exciting topic,

    Would you happen to know if it would be possible to house sit with kids?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Vicky,

      Some people do house sit with kids and animals!

      I would think it would be a little harder to land a sit that way.

      But, and a big BUT. If you don’t ask the answer will always be NO!

      So, go for it and see what happens.


  4. Hi, It`s a great idea ! Almost did that ourselves some time ago but as we had a few animals of our own wasn`t really feasible ,but agree is a great way to travel around….not sure about selling up your home though as you have no base to return to. How will you manage for travel and food expenses if your capital or savings run low?
    Do you ever find places that will pay you?
    Love your site and an interesting concept for a website.

    1. Hi Angieina,
      I am lucky that I do have some retirement income. It is usually enough to cover expenses. Remember, with out a home our budget is quite different!
      We have had a few people pay us, but we are just looking for exotic locals that we can visit.

      This are our Budget items:
      Health Insurance
      Airline Flights
      Rental Car (or buses and subways)
      very little else, we only have two carry ons and a back pack each

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