How to Get a House Sit for Free Accommodations

How to Get a House Sit

Here, we will show you the techniques that Terry and I use to get our house sits.  We have refined the process and have been very successful.  We will guide you on the process starting with setting up your house sitting profile.  From there we show you how to search for a sit and then apply for it.  And of course closing the deal!  We will show you How to Get a House Sit.  We use Trusted House Sitters to get our house sits.    Read our Review of Trusted House Sitters.

What exactly is “House Sitting”How to Get a House Sit

Often we use the term “House Sitting” and “Pet Sitting” interchangeably. Why? Because 95% of the time you will be doing both. There are very few times that you will be caring for a house and not any pets. So, let’s talk about what it means to be a house sitter. Whether it be house sitting traveling abroad or even in your own city.

House sitting is when we travel to someone’s home and take take of their homes and all of the contents, which includes pets! To the owners, the pets are the main priority and we must not forget that. The pets need to be taken care of and the house be kept safe and in the same condition as when you arrived.

Normally, there is no monetary compensation for us house sitters to perform these duties. Our “pay” is for us to be able to live at no cost in someone’s home. Often in very nice locals! Every once in a while you will see an advert asking you to pay utilities or internet etc. This is more common in long house sits. We don’t normally do this. But, you must weigh the benefits. If the house sit is in the middle of your number one city on your bucket list and it is an incredible house, who cares if we throw in $50 for electricity for a few weeks. This is up to you to make this decision and come to an agreement with the owner. Of course the one expense you should expect to pay for is your food!

Here is a Great Video from Trusted House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters 
is the company where we find most
of our house sits
Click on link below

For More Information about them|
Click on This Link to see a Review on Trusted House Sitters

Our promise to the home owners

How to Get a House SitOur mantra is that we will take care of their animals exactly as they would in their absence and to have them return to a very clean home. We will take care of the pets as the home owners normally does. We will try our upmost to keep them on their same schedules. This goes for their exercise and feeding. We are there to make the owner’s absence as non traumatic as possible for the dogs. We will also take care of their homes properly. I won’t say that we will treat the home as our own as we feel that it is NOT our home. We would not invite people into the homes as we feel this would be a breach of etiquette. We would also stay out of the owner’s personal spaces unless completely necessary.

Advantages for the House Sitter

A free place to live!
A chance to bond with new animals
Staying in a new location to view the sites!
Live the life of a local instead of staying in a hotel in the “touristy area”

Advantages for the  Home Owner

Pets will be happier in their own familiar home instead of a kennel
They will save money not paying for a kennel
There will be a presence in their home in their absence

It is a Win Win situation for both parties

 But how do you find the sits?

There are many opportunities out there. So, let’s get started on how to sign up for house sit jobs.

There are many web sites on the internet that do just that, they put the prospective house sitter and the home owners together. They are kind of like a dating site. You join the website, create a profile and then search for the house sits! Homeowners are also searching for a house sitter.

Is there a cost to joining these websites? Yes, of course there is. Right now the cost for joining TRUSTED HOUSE SITTERS is $119 a year. Sounds like a lot of money right? But wait a minute, how much would one night cost you in a hotel? Now that should put things in perspective! So, click on the link, go to TRUSTED HOUSE SITTERS and get signed up!

Trusted House Sitters
is where we get most of our 
house sits from
Check them out below

For More information about them
Click on This Link to see a Review on Trusted House Sitters


Once you are signed up, you will need to give them all of the personal information such as phone address etc. etc.

Now for the important part, you need to create your profile. This is where you “sell yourself” to get those house sits.

First step is to come up with a “Catchy Title” for your profile. Then put a nice photo of yourself/yourselves smiling and comfortable. These are first two things they see. The title gives you the opportunity to start selling yourself. The home owner wants to see what you look like and if you look trustworthy. We have seen some profiles with silly or poor quality pictures, Do not make this mistake if you want a house sit! Here is our title and profile on  TRUSTED HOUSE SITTERS. I have copied and pasted our profile for you to look at. (Terry wrote this by the way, she has the gift of writing). As you can see, we are selling ourselves and how if the homeowner chooses us instead of other applicants, they will benefit!

Retired Firefighter-Paramedic And His Wife Looking To Travel The World One House sit At A Time

How to Get a House Sit
We are reliable, responsible, quiet, meticulously clean, non-smokers who love spending time with animals.


Why we want to house sit

Because we retired early we have plenty of time to travel anywhere in the world, yet lack the necessary resources like money. House sitting allows us to see more of the world with less money since accommodations are free.
What we bring to the assignment / relevant experience

We began house sitting in 2015 while still living in Panama and loved it so much that we decided to turn it into our full time passion. Since then our house sitting adventures have taken us from the US, into Thailand for one month, then we were off to Italy for three months before going into the United Kingdom. Once there we explored England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland before flying out to sunny Spain. We have made some fabulous new friends along the way, both the furry and human kind and have had some wonderful experiences.

Clyde has served the public for 30 years as a firefighter and paramedic in Corpus Christi, Texas. During his career he has had plenty of time off to pursue other interests. He is handy with plumbing, electrical, wood working, lawn and pool maintenance, and can solve just about any problem that may occur. Throughout his life he’s had many dogs, cats, fish, chickens and even a potbellied pig to care for. He is a caregiver who can take care of any medical problem that might arise with your pet.

Terry is a self proclaimed neat freak that loves to clean and keep things neat and tidy. She worked in the medical field throughout her career and also has experience with dogs and cats.

Both are active, mature and responsible people who will care for your house and pets as if they were our own.


After your profile information is filled in you will want to get verified. The basic verification includes verification of your phone number, your email address and some references. You will also need to get and include criminal background checks on the two of you. (Just google that and get those)

Fill out the rest of your profile which will include what areas you want to house sit as well as other things. Don’t just put
House Sitting Spain but list all of the countries you are interested in.

So, now your profile is set up and Home Owners can do a search to look for a house sitter. But, don’t depend on that! You must go out and look for your house sits!

Click on This Link to see a Review on Trusted House Sitters

You have signed up on a House Sitting site, now what?

You have invested the money to get listed on a house sitting site. So, do you just kick back and wait for the offers to flow in? Nope, it is not that easy! You need to search and find house sits that you are interested in. When you open up the site, you will be surprised on how many thousands of sits there are out there. But, they are all over the world and for different time frames. You have to dig for them! I am going to be using Trusted House Sitters as my sample as they seem to be the largest and most popular site out there.
First of all there is an option to show your availability

On most house sit sites, you can go to your profile and plug in your availability. You can list where you are available toHow to Get a House Sithouse sit. Also, you can plug in the time frame you are available. But, you must also do searches for your house sit. A lot of the home owners do NOT search for a house sitter, they just put their ads out there and wait for responses.
Let’s do a search for your first house sit!

Thinking about a vacation in Mexico? Well put in Mexico in the “location” box. Still, there will be lots of sits out there. You need to dig down further. Trusted House Sitters has a “filter button” to the right of the country. Click on it and you will be able to input the dates available and the type of animals you are willing to take care of. You must be adventurous. I once took care of Alpacas and they were great! You are in for a great adventure. Step outside the box! So, now you should have many choices (hopefully) for your time frame and location.

No Sits Available, what do you do?

In a perfect world, the web site would pop up with ten sits exactly when and where you want to go. But, we know it isn’t a perfect world. So, either broaden your geographical criteria or check for different dates. Still nothing? Well you will need to wait until the next group of house sits comes out. Once you sign up on Trusted House Sitters, they will email you both in the morning and the evening with the new sits submitted. You will get used to what time these come in your mailbox. Don’t wait! Open them up as soon as you get them. You want to be the first to see the new sits and as soon as possible apply for the new ones! In other words, the earlier you start searching, the better chance you have of a house sit in Mexico. Also, if you are like Terry and I and are serious as hell about getting a sit, you will be paying members on every site you can find! After all, we have no permanent home, we are homeless! Yes, homeless by choice.

Optimism vs Realism

How to Get a House SitWe try to live our lives in a Positive Manner. We always believe that things are going to happen for us if we believe in ourselves. We believe that Positive Thinking leads to a Positive Life! But saying that, we must make the steps to make things happen in our lives. You must sign up for the House Sitting sites and set time aside every day to do new searches or at the very least check out the new sits available. The sits are not going to come to you. Now that I have said that, I must confess that we have been very lucky in some instances. We were going to visit London between sits in the UK. Terry was searching for a short sit in London so we would not have to spend money on a hotel. While she was online, she got an email from a house sit site asking us if we could watch here two little dogs on the north side of London (close to the subway) for four days during the time we were scheduled for London! We took the sit and only had to pay for two days in a hotel between things.

So, now you have requested a sit on one of the sites and you WAIT!

Some owners will get back with you on the same day, some a week later and some…….Won’t even contact you! So, be patient and look for and apply for other sits. But the most important thing to do is BE POSITIVE! This is going to happen. The right sit will come along.

Wow! You have a note that the home owner is interested in you!How to Get a House Sit

Now, you must really sell yourself. Contact them back and ask them if they need any more information about you and do they have any questions. You might be emailing back and forth a few times. Once you both seem to have traded enough information, ask them if they would like to do a SKYPE interview. Skype seems to be the standard but some people will “facetime” or even set something up on “FaceBook”. Set up a time and date to chat with them. And get their username so you can get your Skype set up

How to Get a House SitThe Skype interview (and before)

I say “before” because you need to be prepared for when you interview. Create some notes so you can look like you know what you are doing. I like to have the owner’s name and the dog’s name. Also the dates of the sit and anything else you can think of. Prepare yourself for the interview by making sure you look good. Perhaps put on a fresh shirt (blouse) and take a look at yourself in the mirror. Arrange your computer so there are no distractions and maybe do a test to make sure your image and voice
are OK for the interview.

Time for the interview!How to Get a House Sit

Smile, Smile and Smile. Call them by name and ask them how they are doing. Then, ask them how their pets are doing (remember to call them by name. Let them know you are looking forward to coming and taking care of their animals (call them by name!) You have set the stage for a positive outcome!   Ask them if they have any questions about you

Answer them honestly and with a smile on your face. Yes, just be yourself and be honest. After this, they will naturally ask them if there are any questions that you, as the sitter have. By now, you will have a good vibe as to if you are going to get the sit or not.   The most important part of the interview! You do NOT want to be surprised when you get to the sit!

Make sure that you are on the same page to make this a successful house sit!

Good questions to ask: Write these down and be prepared.

What are your expectations for me to take care of your pets?
How many and how long of walks are required? (if applicable)
How long would you feel comfortable that we could leave the house to explore your area after we have taken care of the pet’s needs?
What are our accommodations going to be like?
And of course any other questions that you have.
If you noticed, always put the animals first! The owner needs to know that their pets are important!

Besides why are we doing this but to be able to meet and take care of some wonderful new animals!
Now that you have both asked the questions, CLOSE THE DEAL!

State: Well (their name) everything sounds great! Can I put you down on my schedule to come take care of (the names of the animals)?

If she says yes, thank her and ask her to put you down as the house sitter on the site and that you will put her on your schedule. Ask her to please email you the address and phone numbers and any other pertinent information (I like to have it in writing so I don’t mess that part of it!) Sounds like you got your first house sit!  Now THIS is How to Get a House Sit.

How to Get a House Sit

If she says that she will have to think about it, just reiterate that you are excited to come take care of the pets (by their name). And to please get back with you as soon as she can as you will have to continue looking for other house sits during her time frame.  This will remind her that you are still  looking and are not going to wait around for “Their House Sit”.  There are other sits out there and you now know the method on How to Get a House Sit!

Click on This Link to see a Review on Trusted House Sitters


How to Get a House Sit


If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to say Hello, feel free to leave a comment below. And if you like this post, please like it on Twitter, Facebook, G+ or other social networks.

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17 thoughts on “How to Get a House Sit for Free Accommodations

  1. hi (smile) lol wow i didnt know this was a “thing”.

    it sounds wildly wonderful and spontaneous! One thing is you should mention how to avoid the wrong people or what you should do in that situation.
    After all, meeting new people, you never know whats going to happen. You may not have run into any jerks yet but they are out there.

    Like things they have in their add to watch out for and such.
    Other than that this looks really good and interesting!!

    1. Hi Tammy,
      Thanks for your comments. House Sitting is something based on Mutual Trust. And the way you develop this is through communication.
      The last step before we accept a sit is a Skype interview with the home Owners. This is where we close the deal and make sure we are both on the same page as far as our responsibilities and where we will be staying.

      We do have enough in savings that if the home owner’s grossly misrepresent themselves, we will walk away.

      This has not happened. We are on sit #20 right now with all good experiences.

      But, never say never!

  2. Wow, this is seriously one of the coolest things.. I have never heard of this before! I had no idea there were sites out there for this.. I see you mentioned a lot of it in countries all over… are there many opportunities in the U.S.? My husband has a travel job and we move every 3 months on contract (right now we are restricted to the U.S.), this would be amazing for us. The only issue I think we might have is we have pets of our own (2 small dogs)… do you two have animals? I can imagine that makes it more difficult to land a sit, but man, you definitely have me intrigued! What an incredible opportunity for the both of you… I would love to be able to do this some day.

    1. Yes Jen, There are plenty of sits in the United States. And, there are people that do the house sit thing with animals. Especially easier when they don’t have to cross international borders. My advice to you is to click on my link that goes to Trusted House Sitters and look around to see what kind of opportunities there are out there.

      Of course the sits and amount of them is always changing, but it will give you an idea of the possibilities!

      Thank You for commenting on my post
      Clyde Coles

  3. This is great. I had no idea about this. I learned a lot and enjoyed reading the blog. You are a good storyteller. I honestly did not know that this existed on an International scale. My wife has done the same thing locally but this is a whole new concept. Thanks

    1. Thanks Bo,
      Just to be straight. Terry the wife does the writing for the Travel Blog” and I (Clyde) do all of the other writing such as reviews and information pages. She does have a gift for writing! Be sure to show your wife some of the web pages please. Be sure she reads it will show her where to look for sits both local and not to local but close enough to take a mini vacation!

  4. I actually had no idea that this was even a possibility? It sounds like a great idea and definitely why not take advantage of it. It’s a win win for both parties. Have you run into an issue while house-sitting that you did not expect at all?

    Thank you for this great info!

    1. HI there!

      Thank You for your comment!

      To answer your question, After doing this part time for 3 months and full time for 10 months, we have run in to some issues.

      But we have learned that with good communications with the owner before we even accept the sit means a LOT less issues.

      If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch with me either by the comments section or private email found on my site.


      I think one of the biggest issues is falling in love with the animals. They all have such different personalities and we become their “temporary mom and dad” while the “real” ones are gone!

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, it is a win win situation for both home owner and house sitter.
      They know their pets are in safe hands in their own home!

  5. I had my first house sitting experience while traveling in Canada and it was a good one. My task was to care for the landlord’s two dogs, one cat and a fish while she was away. It wasn’t too difficult since I work in the veterinary field and had many hands-on with pets.

    She came home earlier from her vacation and allowed me to stay for another month in which she became my host and showed me around. She even brought me to Prince Edward Island and we watched Anne of Green Gables together! I couldn’t ask for more, really.

    1. Hi Cathy, Thanks for you comment!

      Yes, there are some pretty wonderful people out in this world.

      I tell people in my blog, it’s all about respect and trust.

      We try our hardest to do the best job we can for both the home owners and their pets.

      We are repaid with kindness every time.


  6. I’ve been working on being more nomadic recently but hadn’t considered house sitting as one of my options! I’m definitely going to try it out.

    1. Hello Laurel,

      I have to say, it has worked for us! We are going to be going to house sit number 24 in two weeks.

      WE have been at it for a year.

      I am recuperating from surgery right now, so taking it easy


  7. I didn’t know anything about this until now. “house sitters” sounds like a good experience to have, at least once in a lifetime. You must also be very responsible to do this kind of “job.” I love this information, and I am saving this site for future reference just in case I decide to experience it myself. I think that as a single man must be a little be harder to be able to find houses to take off. What do you say?

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