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How to Create a Money Making Website for Free

How to Create a Money Making Website for Free

Creating a Money Making Website does NOT happen overnight

You know there is money to be made on the internet.  It seems like everyone else is talking about doing just that.  You have heard many stories of people making their fortunes when they build their own web site.  This had to be easy quick money!I ha  te to be the bearer of bad news.   It will take time and work to build your website properly in order to make money.  This article is about How to create a money making website for free.  Sometimes the hard part is just getting started.  We will show you how to How to Create a Money Making Website for Free.

But “You must start the race to get to the finish line”!

Here is a list of Tasks for Building your Own Money Making Website

  1. Research and find a URL (this is the link to your website)
  2. Register your URL so people can find you
  3. Find a hosting company for a place to put your website
    How to Create a Money Making Website for Free Getting Started
    Checklist for Creating a Money Making Website


  4. Link your URL to your Website
  5. Figure out what your website is going to be
  6. Start building your website
  7. Create posts with information and pictures on them
  8. Organize the website so people can find particular posts on the site with menus etc.
  9. SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your posts so that they show up on Google searches.
  10. Figure out what you are going to sell
  11. Figure out from where you are going to get those things to sell

This is a VERY simplified list.  A lot of these items have many Categories under them!
For instance SEO is an important and very detailed procedure all by itself!

It All Sounds kind of Overwhelming!  Where do you even Start?

How to Create a Money Making Website for Free
Where do I start?

Yes, this list is very intimidating.  How do you do these things and in what order to you do them?  Where to you research and find a URL and where do you physically put your website?  All of these things are found on the internet.  But, (and a BIG but),  You will have a hard time finding it all in one place.  You will have to search all over to get all of your questions answered.  And, if you do find the information out there all in one place.  You will pay dearly for it!  Let me show you how to get the information for FREE!


I have found a Program that puts it all together and walks you through it!

There are many people that tell you how easy it is to show you how to make a website.  And they will also tell you how

How to Create a Money Making Website for Free
Putting the Learning Puzzle Together

quickly you will be making big money.  Most of these people are con artists and just want your money.  I know, I have given them a lot of mine!

I found and they are the real thing.  They have a complete system of step by step instructions on how to do everything that it takes to show you How to Create a Money Making Website for Free.  They will also furnish you the tools you need to put your website up.  This includes URL search and registration and the Site Hosting on their servers.  They will put the puzzle pieces together.

All of this and, You can get started for FREE!

I am not going to just tell you , I am going to SHOW YOU!

Click on the link to meet Kyle and preview his “Getting Started” Lesson.

The following is Exactly what you are going to find when you sign up for a membership in Wealthy Affiliate.  What better way to show you how it works, but allow you to get an “inside view” of the starting up process.  Who else would offer you a free test ride before signing up  “FOR FREE”?  Remember, you must Start something if you expect to cross the finish line at the end.

Click on the Photo below,

read the first page and then  “View Lesson 1”

How to Create a Money Making Website for Free Getting Started


I hope you took the opportunity to take a preview of Lesson 1

So, did you see how they put everything together in easy to understand language?  I think that you will agree with me, that this program is AWESOME!  I know you had a chance to sign up for FREE when you were previewing the lessons.   But if you didn’t sign up, I have more information on my Wealthy Affiliate Review if you are interested in learning more.

Remember, You need to Start the race
Before you can get to the finish line!

Click Here to Learn How Now


How to Create a Money Making Website for Free

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11 thoughts on “How to Create a Money Making Website for Free | Make Money With a Blog

  1. Hi Clyde,
    your list of how to build a money making website does make it seem overwhelming. It definitely make sense to go through a training program that can help guide you through all the necessary steps. I am actually very familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, having been a member for approximately 6 months. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

    1. Hello Erica,

      Thanks for your comments and positive reply on Wealthy Affiliate.
      Yes, they do make is so much easier with their fantastic step by step instructions.

      They also have all the tools to make it possible to build you own money making website!


  2. Clyde: you just save me a lot of time searching for a place where to study and understand how to make websites. I´m going to try Wealthy Affiliate. There are so much scams on the internet and is important when someone recommend a place that can be trusted. thanks

  3. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I am fed up of searching online for ways to make money and kept hitting a dead end until now by the way you have explained things I think I have found a winner.thanks

  4. Very informative post. I’ve been wondering about building my own site for some time but never really did anything more than ponder it.
    Also, have taken a look at Wealthy Affiliate as you suggested and it seems very interesting. I signed up for the starter.

  5. Hello, I definitely agree with you. This is very possible but like you said it can’t happen overnight. This stuff takes dedication, passion, and a love for what you do. Thanks again.

    1. thanks for the comment Rob,

      Yes, I wanted to be honest about the fact that no one is an overnight success at the game
      of building a website. It takes time and dedication. I just found someone that has the tools to make it possible!


  6. Thank you for all the help here! If someone posts on average 3x a week, how long would you say it takes for them to see consistent income through a blog? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hello Manika,

      Here is the thing about Wealthy Affiliates. They make no promises of when you will start making money. There are way to many variables to answer that question. It’s not just posting but the following through with SEO both internal and external Hope this helps!


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