Rules House Sitters | Proper House Sitting Etiquette

Proper House Sitting Etiquette

Rules House Sitters | Proper House Sitting Etiquette

We have guidelines we go by when doing our house sit

This process should have  started with the interview process and especially the “Skype Conversation”.  You need to know what the home owner’s EXPECTATIONS are.  You need to know what these are and follow them!  Proper communication equals a successful house sit for both parties.  There is When you search for your house sits, you will be surprised on what kind of animals are out there that people will want you to watch.  There are Rules House Sitters and Proper House Sitting Etiquette.  By the way, we get most of our House Sits from Trusted House Sitters.

Proper House Sitting EtiquetteA week before the sit I send the Home Owners an Email

I remind them that the sit is quickly coming up and we will be coming to see their pets (by name of course) and give them a date and time of arrival.  I also mention the date and time that we are scheduled to leave.  To double check, I state their address and phone number.  (at this time, I check that their phone number is in my phone).  I end with, “We can’t wait to meet you and the pets”.

The first important thing is to show up on time

If it is convenient with the home owner, I usually schedule my arrival around three in the afternoon.  That way, I get there before dark and don’t get lost (yes, it happens!)  Of course if they need you to show up at another time,  we certainly do that.  I also have their phone number in my phone so I can easily call them if I am delayed.

When arriving at their home

Rules House Sitters
Rules House Sitters

When we first arrive at the home, we don’t worry about our luggage and things right away.  We want to meet the pets we will be taking care of when we first get there.  We think that meeting the animals first show the home owners where our true priorities are.  The PETS!  After that, we might view the home and let them show us where we are going to be staying during the sit.  It seems like after the house tour, we are normally asked to sit for a drink or snack and talk about things.  Once, everything has settled down then I bring in the luggage.

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Rules House Sitters

Have everything written down

Trusted House Sitters Review

Some owners are really good and will have a detailed list of everything you will need to know.  You need to sit down and look at this with the home owners in case you need clarification or need to add some details.  If they don’t have a ready made list,  you need to get a piece of paper and get things written down!  You don’t want to have to be scrambling for the vet’s information when the home owners are thousand of miles away!  Make sure you have the internet password!

The home owners are now gone now what?

We have found that there is an adjustment period for the pets when their “mommy and daddy” leave the house.  And even worse, they have two strangers in their space!  This is the time to spend time with the animals and bond with them.  After all, the animals are the main priority.  If they are not, you should not be doing this!  Relax and have some fun with them.

You are now responsible for someone’s biggest investment

You have to realize that not only have people entrusted you with their pets, but you are now responsible for their homes.  I want to say, treat it like it was your own, but that is not true.  Treat it like you want someone to treat your home!

Do not invite anyone into your temporary home

Rules House Sitters
Rules House Sitters

This is a big rule for us.  WE do not invite anyone into the home.  I don’t care if they are your best friend or someone you just met.  This is just not done unless prior permission has been granted.  We did have one sit in the United States before we left for overseas.  The purpose of that trip was to spend time with our kids and grand son.  We asked before hand if they could come over.  The home owner even came up with the idea that our grand son could spend the night.

Our Promise for the Home Owners

We will take care of your pets just as you do and leave the house as clean as when we found it.  It is as simple as that.  We got out of our way to do things properly.

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Proper House Sitting Etiquette

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Rules House Sitters






13 thoughts on “Rules House Sitters | Proper House Sitting Etiquette

  1. Thank you for that, I was looking for this step-by-step little guide I could follow.
    I love you site! It’s very informative with full of great tips

    Thanks again

  2. Thank you! It is an interesting job opportunity. As I understood you have to look up just the animals of the house? But do you have to do some additional things like clean up the house and something like that? By the way, when you are working house sitting you are rally living it yeah? It is very strange for me. Because there are not such opportunities in my country.

    Regards, Gedas

    1. There are different requirements from each owner as to what they would like you to do.

      We are basically in charge of the house and any maintenance needed. Perhaps mow the yard and things like that

      Also, we always keep the house clean and leave it cleaner or just as clean as we found it!


  3. I never knew anyone who house sits and I am happy for giving me an idea of what it actually is. I can feel the honesty in your writing and the simple but informative way you present your facts.I want someone like you to house sit my home if I ever want to do that in the future.

  4. Great post, didn’t know there was an opportunity like this out there, I guess you truly do learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing, might have to give this a try it’s not like the house is going to get lost anyway.

  5. Great post!! I always love meeting new animals and this actually would be a pretty goody to do that. Should look into that!! Traveling is always fun, too!! Even if it is on your own hometown.

    I really think that all the points you bring up are things we need to do every day anyways with an emphasis on the communication part.

    Thank you again for the post.

  6. Man, Clyde. You guys are a homeowner’s and pet owner’s dream! Great points! And as a pet owner I can tell you first hand this would be EXACTLY what I would hope any one coming over to house sit and take care of them would be like.

    You’re a definite authority on the subject. Great post!

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