House Sitters Pay Rate | I Need a House Sitter

I Need a House Sitter

House Sitters Pay Rate | I Need a House Sitter

What is the Norm for House Sitters Pay Rate?

Here is the good news!   The House Sitters Pay Rate is “ZERO”.  You can easily arrange to have a House Sitter come to your house and you won’t have to pay them! In fact, on most of the House Sitting Sites, they do NOT allow the sitter to ask for money.  Sure, if you would like to “contribute” towards their food or transportation, that is up to you.  The “Pay” that a house sitter receives is an opportunity to live in your home rent free and not only living in that part of the world, but to experience life as you live it.  So, there you have it.

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Arranging to have a House Sitter

We have been writing about becoming a House Sitter and how to get House Sit Jobs.   Have you thought about arranging to have a House Sitter?  I am going to explain the benefits of arranging a House Sitter and How to go about it.   Where to post your ad and how to construct your page so you can have many sitters to chose from.  Let’s put up that sign that says “I Need a House Sitter”.


House Sitters Pay RateTime for a Vacation!

You are planning on going on a long vacation.  What do you do with your pets?  Take them to a Kennel?  Have a friend drop by and feed them?  Are the pets going to get their exercise?   Is your house going to be safe while it is empty?  So many things can happen to a non-occupied empty house.  That is why you need a House Sitter



Benefits of having a House Sitter

Pets are Well Taken Care of per your instructions

You can leave on your vacation knowing that your pets will be well taken care of. .  Then, they will take them for their “walk” exactly where you take them every morning.   After the walk, they will head home to eat their meal out the same bowl that they are used to.  The House Sitter will know exactly what and how much to feed them.

House Sitters Pay RateNot only will your pets wake up in their own familiar beds, they will spend the day in familiar surroundings.  Let’s be honest, they are going to be a little nervous when their owners walk out the door and don’t come back that evening.  That’s why it is so important for them to at least be in their own familiar surroundings.  If you were to take them to a kennel, they would be safe but perhaps terrified because not only are their owners gone, but they are in strange place!  And not only that, they will not be getting the attention they would be getting with a one on one situation with a house sitter.

Let me state that for ourselves, we as House Sitters take our “job” very seriously.  The Animals are priority number one with the care of the home a close second.  Sure, we are using this opportunity to Travel the World and see things but those outings are secondary to the animals and homes.

Your Home will be safer

Your house will be much safer with the presence of the House Sitter in it.   Lights on timers can go only so far.  You will have a warm body in your home.  You are much less apt to have a break in when you have a house sitter.  With a House Sitter,  your home will look lived in.  Because it is!

House Sitters Pay RateNot only will your home be safer from intruders, but what if something happens physically to the house?  We had one sit where a huge branch broke off during a storm.  I arranged to borrow a chain saw and cut it up to be picked up.  By the time the home owners got home, the branch was no where to be seen.  We also had friends House Sitting  when they were awakened by a strange noise.  They got up out of bed and found that a pipe had burst inside the home!  They were able to get the water shut off and called a plumber the next day.  Can you imagine what would have happened if that home would have been vacant for a few more weeks?

The CONS of having a House Sitter

Let’s face it folks, this is NOT a perfect world.  Things happen and things go wrong.  However, we still feel that if you go about getting a sitter the “right way”,  you will be much better off than leaving your dog in a kennel and at the same time leaving your home empty for the bad guys  do their thing

Let’s Talk about How to find a House Sitter

“Communication and Honesty” are very important!

Communication from the very beginning of your House Sitter search to having your House Sitter fulfill their duties is the most important thing.  You are setting yourself up for failure without proper communication.  Communication will be discussed along each step of the way for your search.

What Site should a Home Owner use to find a House Sitter?

We are very adamant about this one.  You will get the best bang for your buck is Trusted House Sitters.  Here is a  Review on Trusted House Sitter that explains why.  Right now the cost of joining this site is $119 per year.  However, they advertise an average from 1500 to 2000 Sits at any one time.  Therefore, they have a LOT of House Sitters that are members of this site and are searching for sits!  This site has a LOT of traffic.  Trusted House Sitters is the best site we have found to get a house sitter

Trusted House Sitters
is the best site we have found to
get a house sitter
Click on link below to go their site.

If you want more information abut Trusted House Sitters,
Please Visit our review page
“Trusted House Sitter Review . 

There are other House Sit Sites out there at a lower price, but none of them have the traffic of  After, you read the review on the site, you will also have a direct link where you can go and visit the site and sign up.

You have joined the Site, now what?

We are not going to tell you in detail how to fill out everything on the site.  However, we will tell you some of the things you will need to put in your advertisement to attract a LOT of House Sitters.  We have perused too many ads that we had no idea what the person wanted or had to offer.  There it is!  COMMUNICATION!  It must start from the beginning.

What kind of Information is Important to a prospective House Sitter?

First and Foremost are the Animals

House Sitters Pay Rate
House Sitter Pay Rate

The prospective House Sitter wants to know about the animals that need to be taken care of.  So, first of all you need to list their names and breeds in your ad.  Of course not all House Sit animals are purebred so you could perhaps say a rescue or a mixed breed.  The age and their personality would be nice to convey.  You just want to “communicate” to them what kind of animal that needs to be taken care of.  Some House Sitters like to take care of only dogs or cats.  In our House sits, we have taken care of Dogs, Cats, Alpacas, Chickens, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs and two rescue pigeons.  Who know what else is going to pop up!


Check Out my Review on Trusted House Sitters

How to Get a House Sit

Second, we would like to know about You, the Home Owner.

I know it sounds silly, but this is where you will start developing a relationship and open communications with the House Sitter Applicants. Tell them a little bit about yourselves.  Your age, your circumstance and perhaps where you are going.  This starts putting an idea into people’s heads of who you are.

House Sitters Pay RateThird, Your Home

The House Sitter would like to know about where they will be staying.  Paint a picture of your home and where exactly the House Sitter will be staying.  Perhaps the type of the home, the size of the home and any amenities that are provided.  They need to know exactly where it is.  If it is not a well known town, perhaps what it is close to.


Fourth, Transportation Needed (provided)

Will the House Sitter need a car?  Or does your area have an excellent transportation system.  This needs to be conveyed in the ad.  If you are willing to let them use your car, you could add that here.  (This one is entirely up to you, some owners lend their cars, some don’t)

Is there any neat stuff nearby to see?

If you are close to something famous, be sure to mention it!  Of course all sits are not down the road from Rome.  But, mention how far shopping, restaurants and bars, movies are is nice.  And, if you are thirty minutes from Venice by train, that might be nice to mention.

What Should my House Sitter ad look like?

A sample ad that we would have placed if still living in our home in Panama.


We are Clyde and Terry who retired to Chame, Panama five years ago.  It is time for us to plan a trip back to Texas in May to visit with our grown children and grand baby.  Terry and I are looking for a responsible person or persons to take care of our Fur Babies and our home.

Our Home and Location

We are located in Chame, Panama which is within a five minute drive to Coronado.  Coronado is a fun beach area which also has lots of restaurants, grocery stores and other small shops.  This is also the area where Expats meet up to chat. We live in a large Panamanian style home (2000 sq feet) which we find quite comfortable.  We live an “inside/outdoor” type of living with no air conditioning in the main areas.  However, we do have air conditioning in the room that you will be sleeping in.  The home has  internet TV and fast reliable internet.  The home is in a “Panamanian Neighborhood” and we feel quite safe living here.

We have a huge garden area of almost 3/4 of an acre.  This includes an outdoor kitchen and eating area.  The garden is Full of beautiful shrubs and plants.  It is quite the paradise, you will have Mangos and coconuts from our trees during the time of this sit as it will be “Mango Season”

You will need a car for this house sit.  It is possible to reach our home by bus and walking.  But, quite frankly you will need a car for this house sit to completely enjoy your time.  Panama City is a must see location to visit as it is quite the metropolitan city with  “Casco Viejo” (the old town) and the Panama Canal.  However it  is a little too far too visit during the sit.  You will need to schedule this either before or after the sit.  The nice places to visit nearby are the local beaches and El Valle a  small mountain community located in the inside of a dormant volcano.

Responsibilities and Pets

We have two Doberman Pinschers that need to be fed twice daily and looked after.  Venus is our “older girl” and is very low energy.  Coco is our “teenager” and is quite energetic.  Coco will need to be walked once a day for about an hour.   We ask that you walk Coco in the morning and afterwards feed them and then feed them once more in the early evening.  You are free to explore the area as long as you are there to feed and walk the dogs and are a presence in the house in the evenings.

I will have a caretaker come in and mow the yard once a week so you will not have to bother taking care of the yard.  Your responsibilities will be to maintain and keep the home clean.

Good Pictures Equals Good Communication

House Sitters Pay Rate
House Sitter Pay Rate

People love to see pictures of what their possible House Sit will entail.  Of course they want to see pictures of the animals.  Also include pictures of your home inside and out.  And, perhaps a picture of the nearby things to see.  Your goal is get as many applicants as possible!  Put in as many pictures as allowed.

Can you see how we attempted to “communicate” everything we could in the ad to entice people to want to come to Panama and House Sit?  We have started the “communication process”.


Now it is time to post your ad with the dates needed

You should start receiving enquiries immediately

If you took the time to “communicate” fully when you post your ad, you should receive many inquiries.   Remember, Trusted House Sitters will do a “mail out” of all new sits twice a day.  Your house sit request will be landing in the mail box of hundreds of possible house sitters within the day or at the least by the next day.

When the applications start coming in

First of all, you need to study their profile before you contact them.  How openly did they “communicate” about themselves on their profile?  Did they take the time to go through any of the verification processes that are available on Trusted House Sitters?  And guess what?  There is no House Sitter Pay Rate!

Trusted House Sitter has a three tier system of Verifying their house sitters.

Basic Level:
Verified email and phone number and external references
Standard Level:
Basic level plus document and Identify Check
Enhanced Level:
Basic level, Standard level plus a criminal background check.

Do they have any Reviews from completed House Sits?

House Sitters Pay RateWe feel this is the important thing to look at.  What did past home owners think of your prospective sitter?  Here is where you can tell how active and how much experience they have had doing house sits.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone has to start somewhere.  It is up to you whether you want a first time sitter or one with experience..


Start sending out emails to your applicants

Hopefully you will have lots of applicants to choose from.  After checking their profiles and narrowing it down to a few, send out some emails and ask them for more information.  We feel that those people that are the most honest and open and attempt to communicate fully with you are your best choice.

Last Step!  The Skype InterviewHouse Sitters Pay Rate

To me, this is where you really close the deal and decide on who you want in your home taking care of your animals.  Personally, We would NOT accept anyone to house sit for me without doing this step.  Although not as perfect, it is almost like meeting them face to face, one  on one.  Very  important in this step is to communicate fully and “match expectations”.  This is where you look them in the eye and tell them.  “I want someone who won’t leave my animals for more than four hours”.  Or whatever important expectations that you may have.  Also, the exact time and dates of arrival and departure of your sitters needs to be discussed.  Everything!  Leave nothing to surprise them when they arrive.

You might have more than one Skype lined up.  Please be honest with the people and tell them you have narrowed it down to two or three (or whatever you decide).

You Will Know

By the time you have done all of your Skype interviews you will know who you want.  Now is the time to close the deal.  Do not wait!  Believe me, the good house sitters go fast!  They might have also applied for another sit during the same time period as yours.  Tell them “If you are still interested, we would love to have you come and take care of our animals.  Close the Deal!  Correct etiquette is to let all the applicants know that you have chosen someone else after you have closed the deal on a house sitter.

Now you have your House Sitter!

I hope I did not drag out these instructions for too long.  I am sure that if you got anything out of this entire thing is what is important.  And that is “Communication and Honesty” on both sides.  With these two, both sides win!  Take action when you say I Need a House Sitter, go for it!

Don’t wait any longer

Ok guys, I have walked you through the process of getting a House Sitter.  Now it is your turn click below and sign up with Trusted House Sitters.  Go ahead and invest the money and you will find yourself on vacation with much less worry about your home and animals.

 Sign up now to get a House Sitter!

House Sitters Pay Rate

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  1. Hi folks, I really enjoyed your article and I myself have only been thinking about getting a minder for our two dogs when my wife and I go on a short holiday.Unfortunately there is no service like this in Ireland and so the dogs will be left in a kennel.I hope a service like this will become reality in the near future as we hate taking the dogs from home.

    1. Trev,

      Thank You for commenting on my article.

      Who says there are no house sitters in Ireland? We have our next house sit in Howth (close to Dublin) for a week long sit from 4/26 to 5/5. This is an international thing! It is a whole lot of individuals out there looking for a place to sit so they can see that part of the world!

      Please be sure to read my post on finding a house sitter thouroughly.

      My wife also mentioned that she has seen plenty of sits in Ireland. They have just not met our time frame! So take a look at my post and don’t send those dogs to a kennel on your next holiday, get a house sitter!


  2. Thanks for your tips and nice article write up, i am considering getting a house sitter myself since i frequently travel overseas and i have multiple pets at home.

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