Hotels com Review

Hotels com Review

This is our Hotels com Review.  We have used exclusively since we have started on our voyage to Travel The World House Sitting. I am NOT going to tell you that they have the lowest prices from any other “hotel search site”.  Quite simply, they are the ones we use and we have never had a problem with them.  Plus, you get a free night’s stay with every ten night stays!

Hotels Com Review
I have eight nights, three more to go for a free night stay.

Hotels Com Review Commercial

The first thing you need to do is to “sign up” for

Once you open up their site, you need to “login” to your account.  If you don’t have an account sign up for one as it is free.  why sign up?  Well the great news is that for every ten hotel nights, you get a free one!  They take the average price of all the hotels and for your 11th night you either get the room free or deduct that amount from the price of your room. So, being a member of the “Rewards Program is important.  Also, as a member of Hotels com, you will receive various coupons and offers through your email.

The Website is easy to use

There is one simple search box to do a search.  I put in the name of the city, the dates 2 adults for 1 room and go for it!    That’s how easy it is to get started.  Now you will see a HUGE list of hotels to choose from.  So, let’s make it easier to pick what you want.



After I do my search, I “tweak” the results

Once the results pop up, I change a few things before I start looking at hotels.  On the left hand side, I click on “amenities” and from there, I choose three things.   Free Parking, Free Internet and Free Breakfast.  If I want to be near something, I click on the choice at the top on the left called “landmarks”.  OK now the hotels that have what  I need are listed.  But wait!  Now the important part.  Right above the first hotel is a “sort bar”.  This will put the hotels in the order that you want.  I click on “price” and choose price (low to high) and now I am ready to look at what is available.  On the “search results screen”  There will be some basic information about each hotel  Most important of course, is the price!  But also something very important are the ratings and reviews for the hotel.  Click on this box and you will see the scores and reviews and then you can change tabs and see the reviews and rating from Trip Advisor.

As you Click on each Hotel,  it opens in a new windowHotels Com Review

As you click on each hotel, it opens in a new window.  After looking at a hotel and you have seen what it offers, don’t close the window!  Just go back to your search results screen and click on another hotel.  You can have as many tabs of “hotel possibilities” available to compare.  I know I can’t remember what each one has!  Now you can choose which Hotel you want to reserve.

The Hotel page is full of information

I am not going to bore you and tell you what is on these pages.  But, they will be full of important information to help you make your choice.  It is here that I make sure I have my FREE internet, parking and breakfast.  Also it is a good idea to check their location as to how close it is to important things.  (OK, I have messed up big with that one)  Now, I double check!  Also, here is the place to see how big the hotel is.  This will make a difference if you don’t like bed and breakfasts.

Now, it’s time to book your RoomHotels Com Review

Make sure everything is right and click on “Book Now”.  Depending on the hotel, you should have a price to pay now or pay when you get there.  Some give a discount for prepaying, some don’t.  Once you have made your choice, your payment screen will pop up.  Be sure to check your grand total first.  For some reason, sometimes the taxes etc. are not added in on the original price on some reservations.  You don’t want any surprises! does have an APP for you does have an APP to partner with their website.  No need for printing out anything.  It will be  on the App to show the hotel when you check in.

I hope our Hotel Com Review helpsHotels Com Review

Once again, I have had very good luck with Hotels com.  Have had no problems with incorrect bookings or anything like that.  It has been awhile since I have comparison shopped websites.  So I am not going to tell you that they have the lowest prices.  I do know they are competitive and you get one free night after ten nights stayed!



To sign up For Click on the Link Below

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11 thoughts on “Hotels com Review

  1. Hi Clyde,
    I haven’t used this one yet but it’s great to have alternatives to the booking sites I currently use. Does this site have free cancellations? I’m aware of the discount for prepaying and if I know that I will definitely be going to a place I will use this feature so it’s good to know that also have this.

  2. Dude, you’ve sold me on lol. I’m going to use these guys from now on. The free night or atleast hugely discounted night after 10 stays isn’t bad at all, especially with all the traveling I do. Nicely done, Clyde.

  3. Hi Clyde,

    I never use I somehow prefer agoda. Maybe because it has more choices on hotels in Indonesia.

    If you have to compare agoda and, which one is better?

    1. Hi Arief,

      Thanks for your comment!

      I know that once you are using a certain service you want to stick with them, consider this another choice when you can’t seem to find something on Agoda.

      I am certainly not going to say that one is better than the other.

  4. Hi Clyde,
    Your post is very helpful to be honest. However, I think you should add a few drawbacks aka cons of using the
    Just my thought though.

    1. Hi Mila,

      Thanks for your comment!

      I have to be honest, I have had no problems with so I really don’t know any “cons”
      I am not naïve enough to believe that there are none, I just couldn’t think of any

      When I do come across a negative, I will be sure to post it!

  5. Hi, Clyde!

    Thank you for your recommendation. I also have drawbacks when I book online. Once I booked via an agency and when I arrived at the hotel, they told me that they didn’t have any reservation on my name. When I tried to contact that agency, nobody answered. I got scammed big time. Thank you for your suggestion! I will book my next holiday through them! 🙂

  6. I see their ads all the time on TV. I dont get travel as much as i’d like but they do seem to be the most reputable resource for hotel bookings. I would normally be googling about looking for hotels in the area i’m travelling to, looking for reviews etc. It’s nice to know that I can get all that in one place! One question, how is using helping you on your quest to travel the world house sitting? Thanks!

    1. Hello Pat,

      Thank You so much for your comments. They are always appreciated
      How does help us with our Travel the World House Sitting
      Sometimes the sits don’t line up back to back. We might have a few days between sits.
      And then sometimes, we need to take time off from sitting. For instance at the end of our three months in Spain,
      we plan on (have already made all of our hotel reservations by the way) spending ten days in Morocco and getting some down time

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