Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium in Coronado, Panama

Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium in Coronado, Panama

These Units are individually owned

The “Solarium” is a small five story complex with Studio Units connected to the much larger and taller Coronado Bay Condominiums.  The units are individually owned by investors.  In order to rent out short or long term, you will need to do a internet search on them.  This review is not about the individual units but about the grounds and amenities of the complex itself.  I would like to add a note here that I know a few of the rental management people here and they do an excellent job on keeping each unit clean and repaired.

I would like to discuss our unit

We rented a studio with a small kitchen.  This unit came with two queen sized beds.  This was a long stay rental, and we felt comfortable in it for our six week visit.  We were surprised about how large the bathroom was and it even had a washer/dryer in the bathroom area.  After visiting a few other units, It seems like all the units are somewhat similar with some being larger than others.

The Hotel itself is located right on the Beach

This is the main draw of “The Solarium”.  It is right on the beach.  Your hotel key fob will allow you to exit and enter the gate to the beautiful beach.  The sand is a mixture of white sand with black volcanic sand intertwined in beautiful patterns.  Care must be taken as the water is pretty rough and the tides move in quickly.  All in all, the beaches are beautiful.  The favorite thing to do is to sit in your nice comfortable outdoor recliner on the premises and stare at the beach from a level above.  All the time listening to the wonderful pounding of the waves.

Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
Horse walking down the beach
Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
The beach with the wonderful sands
Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
A close up of the beautiful sand

We had a wonderful view from our unit

Since we were not in an upper unit, our view was the pool and a little bit of the ocean.  The higher up you go, the better view of the water you will have.  It was still very relaxing eating out on our balcony overlooking the pool listening to the waves while we were either eating or drinking.

Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
The view from our room

The Ground Level Pool is very nice

It is a nice pool with walk in steps and a bar to hold on to help make the pool easily assessable.  Not to deep throughout to make getting around in it easy.  From the pool, you can view the ocean as it is at a lower level.  There is plenty of seating around the pool to take in the sun.

You can see the beach from the pool!
Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
Lots of comfortable Seating

The area around the pool is full of beautiful plants and flowers

This is Panama!  The plant life here is incredible!  So many brilliant colors of flowers.  The grounds are kept impeccably clean.  A very nice relaxing place to be.

Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
Lush Tropical Plants

A level down from the pool is also very nice

Below the level of the pool, you will find a large “kiddie pool”. I call it that as it is shallow enough for the little ones, however you often see adults relaxing in it under the shade of the gigantic canopies.  On this level is where you will find the lawn chairs pointed at the incredible beach.  People reading their books and tablets, nodding off to the sounds of the surf.

Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
Kiddie Pool that is partially shaded
Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
Comfortable Seating Overlooking the Beach

You also have access to the Coronado Bay Rooftop

Because Coronado Bay is owned by the same owners,  the people visiting the ‘Solarium” have full use of all the same facilities.  A quick elevator ride takes you to the roof top.  About twenty seven stories up overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful mountains of Panama.  WOW!  What an incredible view!

Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
View of the mountains and other condos
Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
Look at that beautiful beach
Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
Volcanic Rock Formation close to the Solarium

On the roof top, you will find another smaller pool and plenty of seating in and out of the sun.  It is a treat just to walk around the roof and take in the views on all four sides.  Word can not describe the beauty of what you can see.

Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
Roof Top Pool


A quick jog up one more floor will find you in the Gymnasium.  Small but enough equipment to keep you exercised on your visit.  In this area is also a small game room with a ping pong table and foosball table.  After your workout there is a steam room to relax those sore muscles.

Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
The Gymnasium
Hotel Review Coronado Bay Solarium
The Small Game Room

Will you need a car?

I always rent a car.  However, there are three restaurants ranging from a Pizza Restaurant up to a high scale restaurant and two convenience stores in walking distance. This includes “Picasso Bar and Restaurant”, a happening place with a happy hour on Wednesday that pack the people in.  Taxis are available to take you further and if you come to Panama, you MUST see the sites.  There are tours available to take you those sited if you don’t have a car.

I recommend the Solarium for both short tern and long terms visits

We have enjoyed our experience here at the Solarium.  We felt safe, comfortable and relaxed by all the amenities that were available to us.  I give them a big “thumbs up!  👍👍👍👍👍


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