Handling Money While Traveling

Handling Money While Traveling

Handling Money While Traveling

I have been asked by people how do we handle our finances when we are traveling the world.  Used to be, a person would come into a country with a wad of their county’s cash money and then find a place that would charge you to convert it to local currency.  Things have changed with the advent of ATM’s and I have found a way to get around paying all those pesky charges!  Let me teach you a lesson about Handling Money While Traveling!

When I get off the plane in a foreign country, I usually have three goals in mind before I leave the airport.

  1. Get cash out of the ATM
  2. Get a SIM card for my unlocked smart phone
  3. Find my rent car

I have an ATM card that reimburses ALL fees!

It is a Charles Schwab Checking account ATM card.  Here is the process to get your card that allows you to obtain cash all Handling Money While Travelingover the world for free.  First off, you need to open a Charles Schwab Investment Account.  Things have changed since I opened my account six years ago.  Just go online to schwab.com and follow their directions.  Make sure you are registering for the type of account that will allow you to have a connected checking account.  With this  free checking account, you will receive ATM cards that reimburse all ATM fees.    Pretty darn simple thing to do and you have to put your saving away anyways.

Now, let’s talk about Credit Cards

Handling Money While TravelingI have a couple of credit cards.  I have one I use all the time and a backup if something happens to the first one.  The card that I use primarily  is the Capital One Venture Card.  This card has absolutely no charges when used as a charge card.  Now, in emergencies I have had to use this card as an ATM card.  There will be a small transaction fee and I believe that they will start charging you interest on this amount immediately.

A note here.  I am at a place in life, (you might be too) that I carry zero balance on all credit cards.  I use my card as much as possible to gain points and then pay it off at the end of the month BEFORE they start charging me interest.  I use my Credit Cards as a tool to travel.  Please be careful!

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The second credit card I have is the United MileagePlus Explorer card.

I obtained this card when I was using Handling Money While TravelingUnited Airlines quite a bit as they give you two free admissions into their Airport Lounges per year.  There is a YEARLY FEE on this card but, there are no transaction fees.  I can’t really recommend this one.  I need to find another card that will be free with no transaction fees.

I hope this helped on Handling Money While Traveling.

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