Excited About This Web Page Project

Excited About This Web Page Project

We Are Actually Doing This!

About a year ago, Terry and I decided that we would like to “try” House Sitting”.  We did three house sits closeto
our home in Panama.  We did sits in Mexico, Costa Rica and then Ecuador.  From this, we learned not only could we take a vacation by house sitting that we could probably pull it off and house sit “full time”.  We sold everything and on July 23, 2016, we boarded a plane for Thailand and haven’t looked back!  Did I mention that I am Excited About This Web Page Project.

We have learned a lot during this time

We have learned a lot about applying for sits and actually getting the sits.  As I am writing this (March 12, 2017) I realize that we are on sit number NINETEEN!  Three of those were our first three in Latin America and SIXTEEN sit full time on the other side of the world from the United States.  Our Budget depends on getting sits one after another in order NOT to pay for hotels.  I do want to add here that Terry is the one that does the searches for the house sits and applies for them.  She does have to gift to say the right things.

We love to share our experiences and successes with others

Whether it be online or face to face, Terry and I have discovered that we love to share with others what we are doing.   We are still in awe of the fact that we are living a life without house payments or the utility bills to go with it.  Our major expenses are Food, Health Insurance and Car Rental and of course flights between countries.  We are actually living on a budget close to what we were living on in Panama!  (Much less than we could live in the United State)!

I also have this urge to “make extra money” that I can’t get away from

If you knew me, you would know that I am always looking for a way to make a little extra money.  For the most part, my hobbies and spare time centered around that fact.  I always had a dream of making money on the internet but have never really been successful as I really don’t have the skills to be a fancy writer or copy writer or anything like that.  What can I do?

I seemed to have found the answer

I stumbled on a way to not only help people but also share what we have learned from our house sitting experiences,  I could make some money also!  I found a company that teaches you to do both of these things  building a web page.

The Basic Philosophy of Building this type of web page

Find something that you are Passionate about
Start Designing a Web Site with your passion
Produce good content that can help people (do NOT bombard people with sales on these pages)
Also, make pages that review products and link those to “affiliate sales” sites  (this is where I will make money)

That is what I am in the process of doing

Please take a look at the “very beginning of my project”.  It is kind of rough and I have don’t have much content and only a few “reviews” posted.  I would really love your honest comments and please feel free to ask me any questions that you have.  I know I have a long way to go.  this is not a get rich quick thing.  It will take many months of work to achieve success.  Did I mention that I am Excited About This Web Page Project?



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11 thoughts on “Excited About This Web Page Project

  1. Thanks for sharing! Your photos and posts about your adventures have been fascinating. Your insights and anecdotes about people and places have been very informative and give one the sense of being there with you. Great work!

  2. Clyde,

    It has been both enjoyable and educational to follow the adventure you and Terry are on. Your passion comes through in a big way and has inspired me to retire earlier than I thought in preparation for travelling for a few years! Thanks and keep following your dreams…

  3. Hi Clyde & Terry,
    Read most of your web page this morning right after you posted on FB, Been thinking about it since.
    I have a few questions, Is the web page just for how to do it? Or, also a history of your sits and travels? I’m thinking to get the repeated hits, and thus clicks to your potential advertisers, people will want to come back and check at least weekly if not more often. So you will need to post photos and info of the sits and places you went to see, but sometimes just the landscapes and village streets with local houses is enought. (Also including both sited house & pets), while at the same time respecting the owners privacy, a tight rope to walk.
    Will you be using the web page as a reference for the potential owners? For them to see your care and experience with different animals? Sounds like a good sales tool for you, besides just getting traffic.
    Now a different question, about acquiring potential sits. Is there any way for a sitter to post that they will be in country “xyz” and be available between certain dates? So some owners might take the steps to call you? (Didn’t see that subject in any of your posts)

    Enjoy your travels

    1. Hello Hugo and Cynthia,

      Thank You so much for your comments and questions! That is exactly what I was looking for.

      This site is a “work in Progress”. I have only been at if for eleven days.

      First of all, I will be adding Terry’s Blog as she is getting incredible hits on her other blog site. Plus, the whole idea is to share our experiences and help people. We will be posting her blog in both places until we decide how to handle the transition to this one where we might make a little money.

      I do need to add a page of all of our house sits with comments from the owners, I have that info on our Facebook page alongthegringotrail

      And yes, I will add the information that you can place your availability for sits on the house sit sites.

      I usually don’t post pictures of the interiors of homeowner’s homes. Maybe just a few candid shots of the animals and the exterior..

      Again, Thank You! This will help me immensely and please watch this thing grow!

    2. Hugo and Cynthia,

      I posted Terry’s last Blog post on the site!

      I also figured out how to place two major links on the side menu
      How to get a house sit
      Terry’s Travel Blog

      Also, I added to the instructions on the House Sitting site, to list your open days and where youwanted to go!
      Thanks Again!

  4. You are correct, I didn’t mean inside of the homes, just outside or even street view going down the street. As a viewer, I don’t need to see inside, and as a owner, it would be an intrusion, plus maybe enought of a turnoff, that you lose the sit.

    Just going from memory, now, haven’t gone back and looked at your old posts (& no I haven’t looked at all of them) everyday vehicles and traffic can also be interesting. I remember seeing certain busses, and your rental car, not sure about traffic, bridges, more everyday things. (Remember the doors on the island you went to visit eons ago?)

    Now, you say eleven days? You humble me, you’ve done this in eleven days? My hat is off to you…. Of course I’ve no idea what web designing software is like, since in my day, they didn’t have such things, I started with machine language (1’s & 0’s) Fortran and COBOL. But still 11 days……

    1. Thanks again for your comments. I have hooked up with a company that takes you step by step on building this type of web page. It is called an “affiliate Review” web site. The education they give is excellent. There is a lot of things that are taught that are not evident when you look at the page. In other words, techniques to have lots of traffic.

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