El Gouna Egypt House Sit coming to an End

El Gouna Egypt House Sit

El Gouna Egypt House Sit coming to an End

This House Sit gave us the opportunity to visit Egypt

We never thought in a million years that we would one day be visiting Egypt and viewing it’s incredible museums, both indoor and out.  When Terry was able to arrange this five week house sit, we knew we needed to spend extra time here and see Egypt.  We arrived on August the 14th and we will be flying out of Egypt on October 22nd to visit the Holy Land in Israel.  Yes, that is sixty six days sight seeing and actually living in Egypt.  We have let our Love of Animals and our Wanderlust take us to incredible places House Sitting and this  house Sit was our thirtieth.

We flew into Cairo and saw the sites around there

We made reservations at a hotel right across the street from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.  This museum was like no other museum we had ever seen.  Artifacts from thousands of years ago were laid out for our inspection.  The most prominent display was a special room full of everything that was pulled out of King Tutankhamen Tomb.  The other displays went on and on and on,  actually it was too much to take in with one visit.  We are going to stop back in Cairo after this sit which is ending October 15th.  We then had a private tour guide in Cairo for three days and he took us to numerous historical sites including the Great Pyramids o f Giza.   WOW!  What a Week.

El Gouna Egypt House Sit
Terry in the Egypt Museum
El Gouna Egypt House Sit
The Spinx
El Gouna Egypt House Sit
The Great Pyramids of Giza

Here is a link to the blog on our Visit to Cairo, Egypt.

Next stop,  Luxor for a Nile River Cruise

Terry and I have been on a few cruises in our life and found them to be an excellent value for the money that it costs.  Of course we had been on cruises on Ocean Going Cruise lines before this.  This cruise was a slow cruise down the wonderful Nile River.

El Gouna Egypt House Sit
The Amarco II

Ok, let’s talk about price.  This was a seven night, eight day cruise with a private guide.  Hamet, our guide, stayed on the boat with us the entire time and would arrange for a private car to take us to the sites as we explored Egypt along the Nile River.  This price also covered all of the sites and transportation to them (We did opt to pay for a few extra things not on the tour itinerary).  We paid about $550 a piece for this!  Of course this included all meals as well as entertainment every night.  Also had a deck top pool and sunning area.

El Gouna Egypt House Sit
Top Deck with Swimming Pool

Before we even left Luxor we got to start our explorations.  We were taken to both the Luxor Temple as well as the Karnak Temple.  Then, after a quick lunch, we crossed the Nile River to the West Bank and were taken to the “Valley of the kings”.  This is where all the kings of Egypt are buried in very well preserved tombs.  We visited four tombs while there.  King Ramses IV, King Ramses IX,  King Merenpetah.  After these three, We paid a little extra and entered King Tut’s Tomb. We were absolutely blown away on our first day of the cruise and hadn’t even left the dock.

Inside the Temple of Karnak


Luxor Temple
The Valley of the Kings

Our Cabin had a huge window that took up the whole wall.  We were able to view the Egyptians going about their lives oblivious to us excited Americans taking it all in as we slowly sailed south.  We spent hours each day taking in the incredible sites.

This is a link to the blog about our Nile River Cruise

El Gouna Egypt House Sit
Views from our Cabin Window

Five weeks Living in El Gouna, Egypt

After exploring the Luxor area and experiencing an incredible Nile River Cruise.  We were off to El Gouna for our house sit.  So, what is El Gouna?  El Gouna (The lagoon” is a tourist resort on the Red Sea and is part of the “Red Sea Riviera”.  It has eighteen hotels with a total of 2895 rooms.  Of course there are hundreds if not thousands of private residential homes here also.  It also has two golf courses and a hospital equipped to handle anything.  Yes, I ended up spending a night in the CCU getting my heart checked out.  Glad to say, they found the problem and I am back on track.

This area centers around watersports.  There is excellent diving and snorkeling a short boat ride out.  We were able to go on a wonderful snorkeling trip while here.  Here is a short video of our snorkeling adventure.  To put in nicely, this is a playground for the rich.  This is the place where the well to do Egyptians have their weekend homes.  Also, this is a playground and sometimes an affordable place to retire to for the Brits as well as other Eurpeans.

Again, we are House Sitting for Brits!

Seems like most of our house sits on this side of the globe are for retired Brits.  Our Wonderful Home Owners bought this home several years ago as an investment/vacation home and then ended up selling everything in the UK and retiring here.  We are house sitting for them as they take a five week vacation.

It is located in the “White Villas” section of El Gouna.  All of the homes are white and most are three stories high with the top floor being an open patio area.  Most of them have pools and their spacious back yards look over man made lagoons.

El Gouna Egypt House Sit
The Rear of the House
El Gouna Egypt House Sit
The Front View of the House
El Gouna Egypt House Sit
The Pool and Lagoon behind it

This is a very nice spacious home.  It is three bedroom two and a half baths with a beautiful garden area complete with infinity edge swimming pool (with swim up bar) and hot tub.  Also, their garden overlooks a beautiful Lagoon.  Yes, this is El Gouna!

Two Dogs and Six Cats

We are taking care of two sweet dogs and six cats, only one cat, Mouse is allowed in the house.  Will and TeeTee, the dogs are known as Baladi dogs.  This word also means indigenous in Arabic.  These dogs are Egypt’s wild desert dogs.  TeeTee was adopted as a young pup while Will was rescued from a horrible near death experience when he was older.  He was found in a huge hole in the ground with no way to get out.  He had been there for no telling how long with other Baladi dogs near death or already dead.

El Gouna Egypt House Sit
Will and TeeTee

I have to say we had a very positive experience with these two.  Although we could “feel” the wildness in them, they quickly fell in love with us as we fed and walked and loved them for the five weeks.  They were our “best friends for life.”  Although the western breeds of dogs are more popular in Egypt, more and more people are reaching out to these guys found in the deserts of Egypt and bringing them into their homes.

El Gouna Film Festival

We were so blessed and surprised that El Gouna was holding it’s first ever Film Festival during our stay!  We took advantage of the opportunity to purchase week long passes that allowed us to see as many movies as we wanted.  We paid $22.50 USD for each pass and we went to 19 movies.

El Gouna Egypt House Sit
Yes, we saw all these movies!

There were three different theatre locations, one was at night time only which was located out doors and another had three separate movie screens.  In all, there were five screens showing movies.  We saw some excellent movies, our favorite being “Breathe”.  A true story out of the UK about a young man crippled by Polio in his twenties and becoming completely paralyzed.  He along with his supportive friends (and of course his wonderful wife) overcame the odds and he was the first such patient to leave the hospital and live a somewhat normal life.  Because of their innovations thousands of people were able to live their lives out of hospitals which was unheard of in the day.  Be sure to bring tissues.

El Gouna Egypt House Sit
Our Favorite Movie

At the end of the film festival, there was a “Master’s Class” with the American star Forest Whitaker.  Mr. Whitaker was also presented with a lifetime career achievement award for his humanitarian efforts around the globe.  We did not realize that we would be able to attend but were delighted to learn our passes also let us into this.  Always ready to take advantage of opportunities, Terry and I arrived early to sit in the second row almost directly in front of Mr. Whitaker.  We were quickly surrounded by the “In People” of Egypt.  We had Egyptian movie stars in front of us and the founder of the Film Festival behind us.  Quite Frankly, we were kind of surprised that we were not asked to sit somewhere more appropriate for us two visiting gringos from another land.

El Gouna Egypt House Sit
Forest Whitaker

House Sitting has opened the doors for us to do Amazing things!

Terry and I are exploring parts of the world we only dreamed about.  In fact, thinking of seeing the great pyramids and King Tut’s Tomb not to mention all of the incredible sights of Egypt never even crossed our minds.  Then one day, Terry spots the house sit on one of our go to web sites.  She turned to me and said, hey do you want to go to Egypt?  There is a five week house sit there.  Five weeks of living rent free in an exotic country!

El Gouna Egypt House Sit
Abu Simbal

Sure, we had to pay to fly to Egypt.  And since we were here, we decided to visit Cairo and do the Nile Cruise.  Yes, these two extra things cost us money.  By no means a LOT of money.  Egypt is pretty damn cheap now as the tourism industry has taken a huge hit.  Quite frankly, Americans are no longer coming to Egypt.  In our two months here, we have come across only three Americans.

We have found Egypt to be not only one of the most incredible sight seeing destinations in the world , but also a country of peaceful friendly people.  Listen to me, at no time did we feel unsafe in Egypt!

So what are you waiting for?

You need to try out House Sitting like we have.   Remember, when we first started out House Sitting, we were living in Panama and took three vacations by House Sitting.  A month each  in three exotic countries without paying for accommodations.  We visited Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Here is a link to the Blog where I talk about Taking a Cheap Vacation with Nearby House Sit jobs

Then, we went “all in” and sold everything to do it full time.  I’m not saying you need to do it full time, but with a little investment of time and paying to join some web sites, you can do this too.  We are proof positive that it can be done.  We are living the dream.  We are seeing the world very affordably.

Here is a link on How to get a House Sit for Free Accommodations

A special note to the readers of my BLOG.  I am working on this blog not only to share our experiences but also making a little extra income to see the world.   Hopefully you enjoyed this Blog post, El Gouna Egypt House Sit.

Check out this link to see how I do it

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