Best Pocket Camera 2017 | Canon Powershot D30 Review

Canon Powershot D30 Review

Best Pocket Camera 2017 | Canon Powershot D30 Review

When Terry and I decided to travel the world house sitting I decided to give up my big camera.  I had a Canon EOS DSLR Camera that I toted around Panama for five and a half years.   I would always have my camera around my neck along with a huge camera bag with extra lenses and other Paraphernalia.   You see, I had this dream of taking pictures and selling them on the internet.  I had promised myself that I would learn the camera backwards and forwards and make money.  Shocking this is, I NEVER TOOK IT OFF OF AUTOMATIC!  I did however become a fairly good picture taker learning composition and the such.  Then the thought came to me to use my cell phone to take pictures but, I never really mastered that.  Also, I usually have my phone in one hand using it for Google Maps.  And, I don’t want to use my battery up!  So here is my Canon Powershot D30 Review with what I think is the Best Pocket Camera 2017.

So, off to the store to buy me a compact digital camera.  All I knew is that I wanted a Canon as I had such good luck with mine.  I picked up the Canon D30 and there was something different about it.  It felt heavy and was rugged.   OK, I can be a bit of a klutz and drop things.  I also noticed that the lens was sealed and it did not move in and out when zooming in.  So, I bought it!

Brought it home to discover some features I hadn’t counted on!

Best Pocket Camera 2017


First of all, it is rugged.  It is designed  to easily survive being dropped up to two meters.  Also, the camera is made to take underwater pictures! I had no idea.  One neat feature that it has built in is a GPS to tag your photos so you know where you take them.  I have to admit I have never used this feature.  I was very pleasantly surprised!


So, now I have a really nice camera that I carry in my pocket all the time in fact, The Best Pocket Camera 2017!

This camera takes excellent pictures for my needs.  Mainly posting our adventures on Facebook and the Blog.  I can pop it out and take pictures on the run and even when driving (don’t tell anyone).  I have found my new Personal Companion.  Anyways, let me give you some stats and benefits of this neat little tool.  Also, I Recommend buying an extra battery as well as a charger when purchasing this product.   Hope you enjoyed this Canon Powershot D30 Review

Here is a Video about the camera from Canon

Here is how I rated the Canon Powershot D30

Best Pocket Camera 2017

Canon Powershot D30 Review

Information on the Camera


  • Compact and tough digital camera for active outdoor adventures
  • Go deeper underwater – waterproof down to 25 m, shockproof up to 2 m drops, freezeproof (-10 °C) and dustproof
  • Beautiful results even in low light with 12.1 Megapixel HS System
  • 28mm, 5x optical zoom with Intelligent IS
  • Superb aquatic shots with Underwater mode and Custom White Balance
  • GPS to tag your shots and log your journey
  • Easy viewing in bright light using large 7.5 cm (3.0″) PureColor II LCD with Sunlight LCD mode
  • Full HD movies (1080p) with optical zoom and HDMI
  • Simply point and shoot with Smart Auto (32 scenes)
  • More ways to capture action with Movie Digest and Super Slow Motion Movie

Detailed Features

Rugged camera – advanced waterproof performance

This compact and tough digital camera offers leading waterproof performance that lets you shoot underwater down to 25 m. Constructed for harsh conditions, the Powershot D30 is also shockproof to drops from up to 2 m¹, freeze proof for using it in temperatures as low as -10 °C and is fully protected from dust – so it’s ideal for the most extreme outdoor activities, from snowboarding to SCUBA diving. It’s also ‘childproof’ and can withstand the rough handling that children might subject it to on family adventures.

Superb underwater shots

Capture great shots under any light with HS System – an exclusive combination of a high-sensitivity 12.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor and a powerful DIGIC 4 processor. HS System excels in low light – typical of underwater environments – while Underwater mode and Custom White Balance allow you to quickly adjust to the natural colors at depth, so it’s easier to capture the real aquatic atmosphere. Use Underwater Macro for sharp, clear close ups of marine life.

28mm, 5x optical zoom; Intelligent IS

Shoot panoramic landscapes and great group shots with 28mm wide-angle and use the 5x optical zoom to get closer. Intelligent IS keeps photos and videos sharp and detailed even on the move, at full zoom or in low light, automatically adjusting the optical Image Stabilizer to the scene from 7 modes.

7.5 cm (3.0″) PureColor II LCD with Sunlight mode

Enjoy excellent visibility whether you’re in bright sunshine or underwater using the large 460k dot LCD screen. For enhanced clarity in very bright conditions, Sunlight Mode activates a stronger LED backlight for maximum brightness. Active display with Tap Control offers comfortable reviewing of images even when wearing gloves.


GPS tags the location of your photos and videos while the Logger function keeps track of your journey. Use the Map Utility software to pinpoint shooting locations and to share them with friends.

Full HD movies

Use the movie button to instantly record Full HD (1080p) movies with optical zoom, while Intelligent IS keeps footage steady. Enjoy high quality playback on an HDTV via the HDMI port.

Smart Auto (32 scenes)

Effortlessly shoot great photos or movies with Smart Auto, which detects the scene and selects optimal settings from 32 variables (21 in movies)  Enjoy more ways to capture the action. Movie Digest records up to 4-seconds of action before each still shot, joining the day’s clips into a bonus HD movie. Slow down fast movement with Super Slow Motion Movie.


¹The shock resistant testing methods are unique to this product and do not guarantee against damage or malfunction of the product.
²GPS use may be restricted in certain countries or regions. Use of GPS should comply with the laws and regulations of the country and area in which it is being operated including any restriction on the use of electronics.

I hope you enjoyed this honest review of Canon Powershot D30 Review

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Best Pocket Camera 2017



Best Pocket Camera 2017

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5 thoughts on “Best Pocket Camera 2017 | Canon Powershot D30 Review

  1. I am getting married in February and I am gonna need a new and reliable camera! I think I found it in this one! Thank you so much for this great review! 🙂
    Best wishes,

  2. We have been looking for a new camera. My husband love photography and is very good with a camera. The problem for me has always been the price of the ones he likes, they are big and bulky too. This one may be the one. Thanks so much for the review, it goes on the christmas gift list.

  3. Thanks for this wonderful review. My first impression on the camera was that this camera looks so cool and fashionable!

    But I have a question. I have an iPhone and I always use my iPhone to take pictures. It is not only very convenient but the quality is also pretty good. Is there any difference between the pictures taken from an iPhone and this camera? Why should I get one when I have an iPhone?

    1. Thanks for the comment Jerry!
      I know that the I-Phone takes great pictures. Probably better quality than I have my camera set for! But, here’s the deal. I usually end up taking over a hundred pictures in one day when we are out sight seeing new places. I am also using my phone for “google maps” to get me around.

      So, I have a separate camera so I can use the phone separately for other needs plus I don’t run the battery down as fast!

      I think it depends on how many pictures you are taking and your battery life in your phone


      And a very good question indeed.

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