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Welcome!  We are Clyde and Terry Coles

We are full time house sitters and have been able to Travel the World House Sitting fulltime  for one year.  We got the travel bug and wanted to travel but could not afford it!  House Sitting was our ticket to see the world.  We took three month long house sits close to our home in Panama.  We went to Mexico, Costa Rica and then on to Ecuador.  It was after these three sits that we decided to sell everything and house sit full time.  We have been full time house sitting for almost two years.  It has been a wonderful experience and we have created this Website to help other people who would like to Become a House Sitter or to Find a House Sitter for their home.

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This website is what you call an “Affiliate Review Website”.  We have found certain items and services we have used since we started to Travel the World House Sitting.  We hope to make a little extra cash if you read a review and purchase this item.  I have written up a special blog post that explains everything in detail.  Yes, I have stumbled onto a company that helps people fulfill their dreams of making money online.

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Let me share with you where in the world we have been.

This page will show every House Sit we have done and the animals we have taken care of.  Also, I have added the reviews that the home owners have done on us after we complete the House Sits.  It is these good reviews that help us keep on getting that next sit.

To check out where we have been click on our Resume

Terry and I are an open book

My Juliet on Her Balcony


We have to be in order to Travel The World House Sitting.  We love both people and animals and love to share our experiences with all.  If you have any question, please comment on each individual post or if you would like, our email Address is ClydeAndTerry@Gmail.com.  You might have to copy and paste this into your email program.  Please contact us.  We love to hear from our readers.

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We have recently done an interview about our lives House Sitting on a travel blog called.  NextBitOfLive.com.  Check out the interview here to hear our story about House Sitting.

We would also like to share with you
on how we get our House Sits.TravelTheWorldHouseSitting

Not only what website we use the most, but all of the little “tricks” and the proper way to fill out your profile and apply for a House Sit.  We feel the hallmark of a good house sitter is honesty and communication.

Check out that link Here.
How to Get a House Sit for Free Accommodations

Take a vacation with House SittingTravelTheWorldHouseSitting

We do NOT even have a home to go back to.  We Travel the World House Sitting with two carry on bags and a backpack each!  However, you can take a vacation by arranging for a house sit in exotic locals.  We did this before we started house sitting full time.  We had month long sits in Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador

Check out how to take a vacation with this post
How to Take A Cheap Vacation With Nearby House Sit Jobs

Do NOT travel without Travel Insurance!

What Web Site do we use the most to get House Sits?

Our favorite Web site is TrustedHousessitters.com.  I have done an extensive review on them at this link.  I will explain why they are our favorite and explain why they are worth the money it costs to join the web site.

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Trusted House Sitters Reviews | For House Sitting Jobs

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Perhaps You are Looking for a House Sitter TravelTheWorldHouseSitting

On this post we teach you how to write a good profile to attract lots applicants to your advert.   Also, what to look for in a sitter is a good match for your fur babies.   It’s a lot easier to find a good house sitter if you have plenty of applicants clamoring for the “job?

Check out our page on Looking for a House Sitter
House Sitters Pay Rate | I Need a House Sitter

House Sitting Tips

This growing series of posts are just what you would imagine.  They are tips on being a good House Sitter.  We have learned a lot in the past year and love to share what we have learned with you.

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Pet Sitting Resume | Travel The World House Sitting

Pet Sitting Resume

House Sit Scheduled

Soumagne, Belgium
March 31st to April 15th
1 dog Pakman

Review:  It was a real pleasure meeting Terry and Clyde!
Our dog has been really well looked after and seemed to like them very much. When we came home everything was so clean and tidy, a real pleasure!
They even rearranged their bedroom. The fact it’s an attic room made it a little bit difficult for tall people to move around, and they imagined a much more convenient position for the furniture.
Great, guys! It’ll remain that way, so much better! Thank you.
We would be happy to welcome them any time and wish them much fun for their next homesits.
It’s just a pity they didn’t stay a while longer when we returned, we would have enjoyed spending more time in their company, but they still have so much left to discover…
We heartily recommend them as home/dog sitters. Do not hesitate!
Une belle et agréable rencontre. Terry et Clyde sont des gens charmants, ils se sont parfaitement occupés de notre chien et la maison était dans un état impeccable à notre retour. Le chien était parfaitement à l’aise avec eux et les appréciait beaucoup.
Ils ont même réaménagé leur chambre à coucher (mansardée) d’une manière beaucoup plus agréable et pratique. Nous conserverons d’ailleurs cette nouvelle disposition des meubles. Merci à eux.
Nous aurions volontiers passé un peu plus de temps en leur compagnie mais ils ont encore tellement de pays et de lieux à découvrir. Nous leur souhaitons le meilleur et beaucoup de plaisir pour leurs prochains séjours.
Nous serions heureux de les accueillir à nouveau s’ils le souhaitent.
Nous les recommandons sans la moindre hésitation

House Sit Completed

Munich, Germany
December 29th to January 19th
Two Sweet Dogs

Review:  Terry & Clyde clearly really enjoy their lifestyle! They saw more of Munich in three weeks while they were here than we even have in a year 🙂 The apartment was clean & tidy when we returned and they were very considerate upon our return, letting us rest and getting some rest of their own before their trip to India and beyond. Safe travels back to Panama, guys!

House Sit completed

Sarnadas de Rodao, Portugal
December 18th through 28th
5 Rescue Dogs


Left to care for 5 small dogs all with their specific problems came back to find everyone alive and well! Would have preferred to see you both a little longer before I went, and would have preferred if youcould have stayed until my husband got back just in case there were plane problems, but that’s probably me being over-fussy. All in all, considering the very basic conditions in our home, I am very happy with the way this worked out.

A very pleasant, easy going couple that I would recommend.

Skills: Pets well cared for, Followed instructions, Home neat and clean, Punctual

House Sit Completed

Canary Islands Corralejo, Fuerte Ventura
November 23rd to December 12th
2 Dogs and a Cat

Reference Letter:

We had Clyde and Terry looking after our little friends for three weeks. We had a perfect comunication before the sitting for all the info about how to get to our house and how to look after Mika Lola and Gigia, we have to say that Clyde is super organised. We would have them back to our place any time they want, house was perfetly clean and most important the “beasts” very happy and well cared. All the best for they fabulose abventure aaround the world!!!!

House Sit Completed
Horsham, United Kingdom
November 15th through November 20th
One dog and One cat


Reference Letter:

Terry and Clyde made the effort to pop in and see us before the sit so we had an opportunity to get to know them a little. We were happy to leave them in our home and it was good to have some experienced sitters for our first time having sitters here.
The house was spotless when we got back and the animals seemed very happy and relaxed. Terry had cooked a meal for us which was most kind and greatly appreciated. I would certainly offer them a sit again should the opportunity arise.


House Sit Completed
A wonderful experience in Egypt

Read the blogpost on this house sit

El Gouna, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt
September 8th 2017 Through October 18th
2 dogs and 6 cats (1 indoor cat)
Will and Tee Tee 


Pet Sitting ResumeReference Letter:

What can we say! Clyde and Terry are ‘The’ prefect house and pet sitters. This amazing couple ‘travelling the world pet sitting’ have a wealth of experience and some amazing stories. We felt happy when we skype interviewed them and even more delighted when we met them. We know our dogs and cats were well looked after and loved whilst we took our vacation. In fact we can honestly say that the dogs missed Clyde and Terry after they left! Our villa was also immaculately clean and tidy when we returned home. What more can one ask! In the short time we spent with them before and after the sit, we also know we have made new friends….we are hoping to arrange another sit with them in the future. Have no hesitation in asking them to sit for you.

Kim & Andy Earl October 2017

House Sit confirmed and Completed

Madrid, Spain
July 24th to August 3rd
One Sweet Cat, SwifferOur Review: Clyde and Terry cared very well for my cat Swiffer and gave me news regularly : thank you !


House Sit Completed
Javea, Valencia Spain
July 11th to July 18th
Springer Spaniel “Oatie”
Pet Sitting Resume


House Sit Confirmed and Scheduled
Pobla del Valbona (near Valencia), Spain
July 1st to July 9th
One dog, two cats and a turtle

Pet Sitting Resume

Our Review from this House Sit 

Terry and Clyde are the perfect house sitters. They have a loving way with the animals, kept the house in perfect order – as much as this is possible in our house 😉 , were interested to get to know the city, the area and the customs of Valencia. Being very experienced in this “profession” they also have quite a few stories to tell from their world trips, yet they’re also excellent listeners (I tend to tell too much stories…)

Yet they are also able to “disappear into the background” when needed, for instance so we could perform our work during the days we were together.

I can fully recommend them, and would immediately have them back here again.

House Sit Confirmed and Scheduled

Tivissa, Spain
June 12, 2017
2 dogs and 1 cat

Had to Cancel this House Sit

Sorry to say, we had to cancel this house sit due to a medical emergency with Clyde.  Yes, a week before the sit, I had to have a Pace Maker implanted.  I was still in ICU when we were due to show up for our sit.  Would like to say that our Home Owners were very gracious and understanding.

House Sit Confirmed and Scheduled

Alicante, Spain
May 9 to Jun 11, 2017
Three Dogs and one cat


Pet Sitting Resume

Our Review from the owner

Terry and Clyde proved to be resourceful and adapted very well to our
household of 3 dogs and one cat. Clyde fixed our ancient swimming pool
pump and kept it running. Terry is a very good organiser and the house
was left in a clean and tidy manner.  A read of their blog will show
what an adventurous couple they are and they are very experienced
housesitters who are not fazed by remoteness or unusual
locations.Unfortunately Clyde spent a few days in hospital due to a
medical issue but is now up and running again.We have no hesitation in
recommending Terry and Clyde and wish them well.

Margaret, 27 June, 2017

* Tidy
* Organised
* Good at pet care
* Reliable
* Kept in contact
* Friendly
* Handy around the house

House Sit Completed!

Howth, Ireland
April 26th to May 5
2 dogs and 1 catPet Sitting Resume

Our Review:

What a lovely couple and we are full of admiration for their travelling! We got to know them over a few dinners and realised they know exactly what is required from house/pet sits. We left our dogs and cat and knew that all would be ok. We got home to find a very clean house and Terry had done a ‘spring clean’
on our hot press/airing cupboard – I walked in and hardly recognised it as it was so tidy! They also cooked a great tex-mex meal for us on our return. The animals were very happy and had obviously been well looked after and Clyde had done a great job keeping an eye on my greenhouse. We will be following their travels and maybe one day they might come back to us again!

Completed House Sit

Edinburgh, Scotland  (sit 2)
Mar 31 to Apr 16, 2017
1 puppy, 1 cat, 2 Guinea Pigs

Pet Sitting Resume

Our Review

Clyde and Terry looked after our house, retriever puppy, cat and two guinea pigs while we were away for over two weeks in April 2017. They did a superb job.

First they are very efficient, contacting us in advance to make handover arrangements. They arrived, as promised, in good time (which mattered as we were headed for a plane to India) and were relaxed and friendly. They listened carefully to our briefing on the house and pets.

While we were away they sent us update emails and posted pictures on Facebook showing the pets playing. On our return the house was immaculate and they had even changed the sheets. Clyde had – on his own initiative – mended the broken dishwasher door. The pets were happy and relaxed and had clearly been looked after.

We recommend Clyde and Terry without reservation and would be happy to provide a reference (email address below).

Gill Findlay and Charles Winstanley


Completed House Sit

Edinburgh, Scotland  (sit 1)
Mar 19 to 28, 2017
1 black lab (Midnight)
1 cat (Neus)

Pet Sitting Resume


Completed House Sit

Dunfermline, Scotland
March 10 to 19
3 Lhasa Apsos and 1 House Rabbit
Pebbles, BamBam and Zeka

Pet Sitting Resume

Terry and Clyde sat for my three dogs and house rabbit. They were all very happy when we returned home and the house was tidier than when I left! Terry and Clyde even visited me in hospital a couple of weeks afterwards as they were sitting in another home in the area. They are a lovely couple and I would have no histation in recommending them to

anyone. I hope they will remain our friends.

Completed House Sit

Maesteg, Wales
February 21 to March 23
3 Dogs
Dave, Holly and HenryPet Sitting Resume
Review for Sit:

We were fortunate that Terry and Clyde were between house-sits so were able to stay with us for a couple of days before we went off. This gave them a chance for us to socialise and get to know each other as well as for them to get to know our dogs and for the dogs to be comfortable with them. Clyde and Terry are very well organised and very professional in their approach to house sitting and it was a pleasure to welcome them into our home. We were able to go away knowing that both the dogs and our home were in good hands. It was obvious on our return a week later that the dogs were very contented and after a warm welcome from them, they went straight back to sit with Clyde and Terry. When we came home, the house was spotlessly clean and tidy and we enjoyed dinner together, cooked by Clyde and Terry followed by cookies baked by Terry with our tea. Thank you both and I hope we are able to welcome you back at some time in the future. Hopefully, our hooligans were not too much of a handful.

Completed House Sit

Princes Risborough, United Kingdom
Feb 1 to 21, 2017
3 Dogs Poppy, Bertie and Barney

Pet Sitting Resume

Our Review:

Terry & Clyde were an absolute delight from start to finish. They regularly communicated in advance of our sit and arrived promptly on the day. A really lovely couple with many different experiences to share! We subjected them to an evening with our friends which they embraced fully. Whilst we were away they kept in touch and posted many pictures on Facebook so that we could see how our dogs were. On return the house was spotless and the dogs happy – Terry has a passion for cleaning! Thank you both – you are welcome to return anytime. Enjoy your travels. Sarah & Guy.

Completed House Sit

March, United Kingdom
Jan 19 to Feb 21, 2017
2 dogs — Daisae Mae and EviePet Sitting Resume

Our Review:
Terry and Clyde arrived a day before we were leaving, at once we could see our girls were in two pairs of safe hands, making our holiday away so much better. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for any house sit and if they are ever back in our area would love to see them again.

Completed House Sit
Taunton, United Kingdom
Jan 1 to 19, 2017
2 dogs Eric and Buster

Pet Sitting Resume


Completed House Sit

Storrington, United Kingdom
Dec 13 to Jan 1
1 dog BerylPet Sitting Resume


Our Review:
Terry and Clyde were great Housesitters. Our home was well cared for, left immaculate. Our dog bonded with them and was happy and settled when we returned. There was a good level of communication both before and during the housesit, we felt relaxed and confident about leaving them in charge while we relaxed on holiday. Highly recommended, lovely people!

Completed House Sit
Penzance, United Kingdom
Dec 7 to Dec 13
1 dog  Alvin

Pet Sitting Resume

Our Review:

Terry and Clyde house sat for me recently and proved to be a reliable and trustworthy couple. They kept me in touch with Alvin’s progress so that i was able to relax knowing all was good at home. I can certainly recommend their house sitting skills.

Completed House Sit
London, England
Dec 2 to 5
two dogs Pixie and Betsie and 1 cat Lilly

Pet Sitting Resume

No Review Given


Completed House Sit

Cupramontana, Italy
Nov 16 to 23
1 dog (Molly) 3 cats Cassa
ndra, Smudger and kitten

Pet Sitting Resume

Home Owner Review:

Terry & Clyde were excellent house sitters. They are very organised and asked all the right questions in order to fulfill our requirements. We were quite confident in leaving our home and pets in their capable hands. We would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a worry free house sit. We returned home to a lovely clean and tidy house and a happy and content pets.


 Completed House Sit

Rasina, Casentino, Italy
Nov 3 to 16
2 dogs, cats, 2 birds and 4 Alpacas!Our Pet Sitting Resume

A lovely couple who left the place clean and tidy and were extremely friendly and communicative. I felt very cam and confident while they were looking after the house and pets. Thank you Terry and Clyde!

Completed House Sit
Chianti, Italy
Oct 12 to Nov 3
2 chickens


Pet Sitting Resume

Our Review

Among the various replies to our house sitter ad, Clyde and Terry’s struck us as particularly promising. Clyde’s background as a fire fighter and para medic meant to us that he was a person capable of dealing with emergencies. Fortunately, he did not need to demonstrate his skills! He and Terry were excellent sitters in other ways, however: they kept in touch with us on a daily basis, and left the house spotless. We would gladly have them back any time, and highly recommend them to others. Venere

Completed House Sit

S’ant  Andrea di Sorbello, Italy
Oct 3 to 12
2 cats Tigro and Crash

Pet Sitting ResumeOur Review:

Terry and Clyde were house sitting a few kms from us and were more than happy to meet up so we could get to know each other a little and on another occasion came to the house for supper and met the cats which was very important as one of ours is very nervous around people. We need not of worried, he was fine and when we returned from our holiday he was in the house with them and very relaxed. Our other cat loves cuddles and they sent us a photo of him with Clyde whilst we were away.
We returned to a very clean and tidy house ( just as I left it) and as I said two relaxed happy cats which is all I asked from them.
They kept in contact both before the sit and during proving their reliability and commitment. I would recommend them and would have them back again if they ever return to Italy.

House Sit Completed
La Mita, Italy
Sep 27 to Oct 3
1 shy cat

Pet Sitting Resume

House Sit Completed
Giavera del Montello, Italy
Sep 1 to Oct 3
1 dog Penny, 1 puppy Billie, 1 cat Fred and 4 hens with chicks

Pet Sitting Resume


No Review Given

Bangkok, Thailand August
18 thru 28
1 cat

Pet Sitting Resume
Our Review
We absolutely adore Clyde and Terry! They flew literally to the other side of the world to come and sit for our cat while we went on a long holiday out of the country. While we ended up having to cancel the trip due to our pet’s health, Terry and Clyde did come and stay with us and they are wonderful house guests.  They are tidy, responsible and excellent communicators. They are both very practical as well, and with their current travels added to their experience living abroad, they know how to deal with the new and unexpected situations that can pop up when you are in a new environment – like someone else’s country and home 🙂
Additionally, they are just really lovely people. We thoroughly enjoyed our long chats and walks around the neighborhood. We would welcome them back to care for our home and pets anytime, and really hope we have that chance again soon!

Round Rock, Texas
July 1st to July 21st
Jack a chihuahua/dachshund

Pet Sitting Resume

Our Review:
Terry and Clyde were excellent house sitters. They are a polite, eager, friendly and clean couple who are committed to doing the best for your pet(s) and your home. They communicated, via email, with us about a tree branch that broke. They dealt with this problem and utilized local resources to take care of it. We came home to a happy dog, a VERY clean house, a plate of cookies and lovely note. They are a delightful couple who can be relied upon to take care of everything that may come up during a house sit.


Completed House Sit
Ambatto, Ecuador House Sit
October 2015 for three weeks
Taking care of a blue tick hound dog named Jethro
Gotta love that smile of his!

Pet Sitting Resume

Our Review

Clyde and Terry were absolutely wonderful! Throughout the entire process of interviewing via Skype and email and when they actually got here until they left, they were open, kind, and courteous. We were a little nervous if they would like the sit since our area isn’t really ‘touristy’, but their prior experience in South America was invaluable and really helped in every aspect. Once we met them in person, we felt 100%% confident that they were the perfect couple to stay with our (slightly neurotic) hound While we were gone, they kept us regularly updated not only on the status of our dog, but also with their adventures and sightseeing! It was great to see our area through their eyes. We came home to a sparkling clean apartment, happy and healthy dog, and a pot of chicken soup for lunch! It was a wonderful end to a great trip. We’d be more than happy to have them sit for us again if they ever want to head our way in the future!

House Sit Completed!
Parrita, Costa Rica
September 2015 for three weeks
Taking care of Bolle, a german shepherd and Luna a mixed breed

Pet Sitting Resume


We do have a Property of 8000 qm2 ground. We had two Dogs on it, and a big house. We wanted to go to switzerland, as we had to resolve many idems.  Therefore we where looking for a Housekeeping Couple. In Tierry and Clyde Cole we found a mindful, honest, clean Couple.  We left them our KIA Pick Up Car, House with Swimming pool, and two Dogs. We staied away for 4 weeks.

As we came back the car was in good condition, Clyde took care of it and also went once to the Garage. The house was clean and in order. Everthing was at its place, and the dog was happy and healty.  As a house keeping Couple we can recogmend Clyde and Tierry Cole for sure.
They have all what a house keeping Couple should have.

So you really can go away without any worries or dubts. And when you come back you will enjoy even with a bunch of flowers and a clean house.

Cheers INKA & Jörg Moser

House Sit Completed!
Our first house sit!
Ajijic, Mexico on Lake Chapala.
July 2015 for three weeks
Taking care of Everest the cat

Pet Sitting Resume


No Review Given





Pet Sitting Resume

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Travel The World House Sitting

About Clyde And TerryTravel the World House Sitting

We Sold Everything and Started to Travel the World House Sitting in June of 2016.  Please click here and find about us!  Where we are from and why we decided to Travel the World House Sitting.


Travel the World House Sitting
Terry’s Blog:  “Along the Gringo Trail”

Terry has been writing her BLOG for over five years!  She is now writing about our adventures as we Travel The World House Sitting.  Click here to see our adventures and new found pet family and where we have been!

Flights, Hotel and Car Rental Cars

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 Learn How to Get Your First House SitTravel the World House Sitting

Terry and I are currently on House Sit number twenty three!  We have had house sits in Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador while still living in Panama.  Since selling everything and Heading “Over the Pond” so to speak, we have had sixteen sits in Thailand, Italy, England Wales and Scotland.  Click here to get the basics of setting up sits for yourself.

A list of our House Sits and References.Travel the World House Sitting

We have had twenty three house sits so far.  This page shows where we have been and where we are going.  It is also a “Resume” of sorts with comments from the Home Owners we have sat for as we Travel The World House Sitting.


 Travel the World House SittingInformation on House Sitting

Here is where we share any information we have on House Sitting.  Everything from How to apply for a sit, proper House Sitting Etiquette and much more in order for you to Travel The World House Sitting.


Travel the World House Sitting
Our Product Reviews

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We are “open books” and love to help people!

Here is our email:
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About Clyde and Terry

Travel the World House Sitting

Hello!  We are Clyde and Terry from Corpus Christi, Texas.

In 2011 I (Clyde) was injured on the job as a Firefighter/Paramedic and had to retire at the age of 57.  I very quickly realized that I could NOT afford to live out my retirement in the United States as I simply did not make enough from my pension to survive in the states.  I would have to find another job or come up with a different plan.  Who knew we would
Travel the World House Sitting.

And come up with a different plan we did.

We did our research and retired to Panama!  Yes, Panama the country with the big canal.  We were able to live there on my small pension.  Panama was very good to us and we lived there for five years.  By the way, we have some friends that have made the move to Panama and have done a great blog on how to do it, It is called Retire in the Tropics.

A few years ago, we made the “mistake” of going on a Mediterranean Cruise.   Off to Europe we went.  First we visited Paris, France for four days and then flew into Barcelona for our cruise.

On the cruise we visited the following places:
Travel the World House Sitting

Barcelona, Spain
Toulon, France (Provence)
Livorno, Italy (Pisa and Florence)
Cititavecchia, Italy (Rome)
Naples, Italy
Mykonos, Greece
Istanbul, Turkey
Kusadasi, Turkey  (Ephesus)
Piraus, Greece (Athens)
Venice, Italy

WOW!  We were hooked on traveling!  We had to travel, but how were we going to do it?

I won’t even tell you how much of my savings was spent on the cruise.  When we returned home to Panama I was talking to a friend about how we both wanted to travel but could not afford it.  She recommended “House Sitting”.

We found the site Trusted House Sitters and did some research and did our first house sit in Ajijic, Mexico.  It was a four week house sit and we there to watch a cat.  Right after we that one, we found another four week house sit in Costa Rica taking care of two dogs and then we were off to a three week sit in Ambato, Ecuador with one dog.

We were doing it!  We had three long vacations in a row without paying for accommodations!   OK, to be honest we paid for a hotel here and there close to the airports and for further exploration.  But we did it!
The big question came to us, can we do this full time?  We wanted to see the world!  Could this be done?

In June of 2016 , we decided to go for it!  We sold everything we could and gave away the rest.  We packed up two carry on suitcases and a backpack each (We needed to Travel Light) and took off to our first house sit in Thailand.  We were on our way to Travel the World House Sitting!

So here we are eight months later.  We have done a month in Thailand, three months in Italy and we are on four months in the UK.  (We spent three months in England and are currently spending a week in Wales and after that we have five weeks of sits lined up in Scotland).  We are going to spend a few weeks exploring Ireland after that and then we are are off to Spain for three months.

Travel the World House Sitting

It CAN be done!  We have no plans on slowing down.
Follow us as we “Travel the world House Sitting”.
This web site is dedicated to helping whoever we can
to get started with their own House Sitting Journey.
Whether it be a free vacation or even doing it full time like us.

Good Luck!
Clyde and Terry

All of these photographs were taken by Clyde with his Canon Powershot D30
To find out more about the camera, CLICK ON THIS LINK


Travel the World House Sitting

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13 thoughts on “About Clyde and Terry

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, It is so good to be able to travel and to see the world and this is one of the things that I want to do and that is to see the world and experience different culture and to eat and taste the many foods. Traveling is just so great and awesome. This is and awesome post and i am sure that your readers will love what you are sharing. Your post is well detailed and filled with great information.

  2. So you travel around the world and get free housing? That sounds almost too good to be true. I have a question? How did you afford travel fees? Flying around can get pretty expensive.

  3. Well, I think house sitting is an excellent alternative idea for holidays. A lot of home howlers look for sitters also so they do not have to put their pets in kennels or catteries. And I think in UK, where I am based, the idea is taking on more widely than people think. The only thing that may worry a home owner going on holiday and leaving their belongings (and their beloved pet) in the hands of strangers is security. How do you ensure that you are trusted when you take on an assignment? Do you present references, etc?
    Thank you. Giulia 😃

    1. Giulia,
      You bring up some interesting points.

      House Sitting is something is based on trust from both sides. The number one reason we are house sitting is for the pets. But, we are also keeping an eye on the house. We pride ourselves on being honest people who will take care of the animals as there owners would and keep the house meticulously clean. On the house sit sites, the owners are able to comment on us as house sitters. When we do a good job, we are able to get more sits! WE also have police background checks to offer the home owners.
      Check out this post and scroll down and look at our reviews we have received.

  4. House sitting sounds like a great idea!! I could see myself doing this (without the pets).
    What about insurance? How does this work for yourselves and those whom you are house-sitting for?
    Also are the regulations for house sitters different in each country?


    1. Hi Jackie!
      Thanks for your inquiry.

      #1 Most of these sits DO involve taking care of an animal or two
      #2 What type of insurance are you asking about? Health Insurance or in case something goes wrong?
      #3 No regulations really, however when you are entering a country other than your own, you are coming in as a tourist “staying with friends”. If you were to say you are coming in to “house sit”. They would take that as employment.

  5. Hi Guys
    It is the first that I hear of this type of house sitting, how does the trust issue work?, how does the client trust strangers to house sit their house?, I would have a great big problem with it, well you guys have been doing it for a while and seems to be working for you,
    Your website looks good and informative, all the best to your future.


    1. Hi Gary,
      Our goal is to build trust when we apply for the house sit. This is done with communication. We do this through many emails and then finally a skype interview. IT seems like once you talk to someone and see their faces it helps a lot. Also, we have quite the resume of our successes in housesitting that we share. Remember, there needs to be trust from both sides and both parties know it is a gamble from both sides. Check out our resume at https://traveltheworldhousesitting.com/pet-sitting-resume-along-gringo-trail and see what I mean.


  6. I was just talking to a friend earlier about what to do when we reach the retirement age. Each year, my physical strength deteriorates a little so I know I won’t be as strong as I am now, say 10 years from now.

    Hence, I’ve been experimenting with various ways of making money online for the past 3 years. But I also have the travel bug and hope that when I am generating a stable online income stream, I would be able to explore the world just like the both of you.

    Interestingly, I work in the veterinary field and pet caring is nothing new to me so I’ll definitely check out the house sitting site that you recommended. Seems like they have a few interesting destinations worth staying for the long term.

    Question – How’s the application process like? What advice do you have for someone who has never done house sitting before?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. First of all, my apologies for the delay in responding to you Cathy. WE are in Morocco now and have had poor to no internet

      I do go through the process of applying for a house sit on my BLOG.

      If you go up to the top and click on “house Sitting” you will have three items appear.  “How to get a House Sit for free accommodations” is  the one you want to look at.  It will show you how to set up your profile.  Once your profile is set up, then you can start looking for House Sits.  Here Again, I recommend Trusted House Sitters as the go to site as they have the most sits.  This is where we find most of our sits.

      Cathy, I hope this helps!  Please contact me if you have any more questions!


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